Syllabus Statement

Instructors should include a statement that assures proper notice of the availability of academic adjustments and encourages better communication between students and faculty about disability-related matters. 

Suggested Online Course Statement

This statement should be announced to class and included on course syllabi and websites (e.g. Canvas):

Students requesting disability-related accommodations and services for this course are encouraged to schedule a phone/video meeting with me as early in the term as possible. This conversation will help to establish what supports are built into my online course. In order for accommodations to be authorized, students are required to consult with Student Accessibility Services (SAS;; SAS website; 603-646-9900) and to email me their SAS accommodation form. We will then work together with SAS if accommodations need to be modified based on the online learning environment. If students have questions about whether they are eligible for accommodations, they should contact the SAS office. All inquiries and discussions will remain confidential.