Stamps Scholars Projects

Current Stamps Scholars

Year One:

  • Carson C. Goh, 2025: Redistricting and democracy: The Impact of Independent Redistricting Commissions
  • K. Tate Greene, 2025: Renegotiating the TVA: America's 'National Proving Ground' for Energy Policy
  • Ella E. Grim, 2025: Genevieve Taggard and early 20th century poetic networks
  • Alexander W. Joel, 2025: The Impact of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine on Post-Soviet Frozen Conflicts
  • Elizabeth (Shuxuan) Li, 2025: Behavioral and Neural Investigations of Brain Lateralization in Face Perception
  • Nadine Lorini Formiga, 2025: Theorizing Energy Justice in Brazil and Chile: The Need for Just Energy Transitions
  • Brandon Mioduszewski, 2025: Storytelling through Video in the West Bank
  • Catherine S. Nemeskal, 2025: Development of Neurobiological Therapies for Social Dysfunction and Neuropsychiatric Illness
  • Zachary D. Shortt, 2025: Utilizing Ectomycorrhizal Inoculation for Southern California Oak Tree Restoration
  • Tristan E. Wells, 2025: Bison-Mediated Dispersal in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Year Two:

  • Katherine M. Arrington, 2024: The inextricability of art and society: Investigating creativity as a sociological phenomenon
  • R. Christian Beck, 2024: VidsForKids: The therapeutic effect of digital storytelling for pediatric cancer patients
  • Jessica M. Chiriboga, 2024: An environmental history of Latinos in twenty-first century California
  • Lindsay R. Harley, 2024: A summer enrichment math in the context of sustainable engineering program
  • Montana R. Murphy, 2024: Modern Yupiaq perspectives on well-being through culture and identity
  • Manu Onteeru, 2024: Eating disorder pathology and body image dissatisfaction among sexual minority adolescents
  • Eleanor L. Sullivan, 2024: Preventing a genocide: examining American voters' willingness to intervene in crises
  • Ningning Sun, 2024: Oil and gas extraction in Arctic Alaska and Norway: impacts on Indigenous communities
  • Nikolaos Vichos, 2024: Economic shocks and the rise of independence movements in wealthy European regions
  • Jacob T. Zikan, 2023: Understanding how human behaviors influence wildfire systems

Previous Stamps Scholars

Class of 2023

  • Spencer S. Allen '23: Investigating the role communication plays in the spread of COVID-19
  • Amanda N. Calhoun '23: Biogenicity of stromatolites: Experimentation and computational analysis of biosedimentary structures
  • Jessica R. Ferraioli '23: Water ethics: The valuation and governance of indigenous water resources in North America
  • Emily A. Hester '23: Cold War public diplomacy: The analysis of U.S. and U.S.S.R. government-sponsored informational films and newsreels
  • Katherine F. Lasonde '23:  Quanta image sensor: the future of single photon detection
  • Nicholas S. Mancini '23: The environmental factors that influence ESA candidate species listing decisions
  • Theodore E. Press '23: Medicinal chemistry: studying SOD-1's link to ALS, Dementia, and Alzheimer's with ITC
  • Vi N. Tran '23: Leveraging technology to increase financial literacy among low-income adults
  • Ananya N. Vaidya '23: Taking the blackpill: Studying the creation of the incel
  • Daniel E. Westphal '23: A statistical analysis of microburst dependence on whistler mode chorus wave activity

Class of 2022 

  • John J. Cho '22: How Asian Americans vote: The effect of partisanship and ideology on descriptive representation
  • Maria N. Goldman '22: Close probability: How prediction error influences our attention to others
  • Erika Hernandez '22: Exploring maternal health experiences of Nikkei-Peruvian immigrants in Japan
  • Maxwell J. Holden '22: The development of wireless agricultural sensors
  • Wylie Z. Kasai '22: Modernizing museums: The employment of mixed-reality devices in art exhibition
  • Dominique Mobley '22: Sharing the ordinary genius of Black Americans through film, TV, and other storytelling media
  • Ian D. Stiehl '22: The implications of space biology on interplanetary space travel
  • Victor Y. Wu '22: Data sharing and hydropower development in the Mekong River Basin
  • Jason Zavras '22: The impact of economic recessions on population health outcomes under varying healthcare environments
  • Brandon Zhou '22: An optimality theory analysis of English phonology for Cantonese learners

Class of 2021 

  • Christopher Cheng '21- My Pill Box, a voice-activated medication adherence tool for geriatric patients
  • Amy Hu '21 – China's real-time payment system as a model for empowering low-income consumers in America
  • Rachel Kent '21 – Ethnographic research of small-scale farmers through experiences with WWOOFing
  • Yakoob Khan '21 – Mobile app facilitating meals together to combat loneliness on college campuses
  • Michael McGovern '21 – Species preservation of Sumatran tigers through ecological-economic study
  • Ameena Razzaque '21 – Women's health in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asian (MENASA) regions
  • Rachna Shah '21 – Developing the Youthquake curriculum in Chicago-area schools
  • Paige Xu '21 – Ecotourism in China's Honghe prefecture

Class of 2020

  • Klara Barbarossa '20 – Empathy through brain imaging and virtual reality
  • Jessica Campanile '20 – Communication between healthcare providers and patients with disabilities
  • Aaron Lit '20 – Marine conservation and fashion design
  • Hugh Mac Neill '20 – Oral history of the Log Cabin Republicans
  • Rebecca Miller '20 – Bedrock geologic mapping of Arctic Alaska and the Yukon
  • Sia Peng '20 – Virtual reality and film in ethnographic research
  • Karla Rosas '20 – Anthologizing the experiences of female veterans since 9/11
  • Armin Tavakkoli '20 – The neuroscience of PTSD
  • Sirey Zhang '20 – Colonialism and health outcomes in Tanzania
  • Gabriel Zuckerberg '20 – Preserving Romaniote Jewish music

Class of 2019

  • Allyson Block: The Normalization of Gun Violence in US Schools
  • Connor Bondarchuk: HIV Teatment Adherence in South Africa
  • Michael Everett: Field-Based Cave Modeling in South Africa
  • Kevin Griffee: Traditional Medicine & the Stress-Modulating Effects of Tai Chi
  • Evan Morgan: Data-Driven Journalism of the Opioid Epidemic
  • Colleen O'Connor: Female Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship in South America and East Asia
  • Mary Pedicini: Art and the Value of Insects
  • Sheppard Somers: Bulding Community Through Shared Items and Stories
  • Arvind Suresh: Improving Health Through Music and Complementary Therapies
  • Lillian Zhao: Socioeconomic Mobility Among Undergraduates at Elite Institutions

Class of 2018

  • Leah Alpern: Choosing to Be Grateful: Ethical Reasoning in Seneca's On Benefits
  • Maggie Baird: A Phonological Account of Word-Final Vowel Deletion and Reduction in Gulmancema
  • Kate Dumanian: An Inheritor and Respondent: Theorizing the Modern Walker Across Landscapes of Modernity
  • Emily Grabowski: Tone and Voice Quality in Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotec
  • Saba Kaboly Nejad: Exploring Medical Physics and Finding a Cure for Cancer
  • Rafael Nunez: The Resurgence of Argentine Tango and Poetics of Resistance in the 21st Century
  • Sumita Strander: Understanding and Comparing the Experience of Elderly Indians Living with Dementia in New Jersey, USA and Kolkata, India
  • Madison Sabol: A Socioeconomic and Ecological Survey of Wine Production in the Bordeaux Region of France
  • Douglas Tallmadge: Helium-Deuterium Based Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor

Class of 2017

  • Dondei Dean: Black Women's Activism at Dartmouth: An Oral and Visual History
  • Robert Halvorsen: RunRite SmartSole
  • Terren Klein: Dartmouth Pulse, The Reliable College Public Opinion Platform
  • JoRee LaFrance: Reconnecting Crow Elders and Youth Through Storytelling of Our Sacred Lands
  • Julia Marino: Basil O'Connor, The Founding Father of Modern Philanthropy
  • Jessica Tong: Untold Stories from the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  • Amy Zhang: Communicating Science Through the Visual Arts

Class of 2016

  • Katherine Crane: ArtxChange Social Enterprise
  • Connie Jiang: Investigating the Spread of Correlations in Quantum Spin Chains with Long Range Interactions
  • Rachel Margolese: Life Cycle Analysis of Energy Use at Dartmouth College
  • Andrés Mejía-Ramón: Local Hydrology in Teotihuacan: A Study of Ancient Canals and Water Basins
  • Melissa Padilla: Ni De Aqui, Ni De Aya: DREAMers Find "Home"
  • Patrick Saylor: Testing the Iron Hypothesis in the North Pacific Using the Dust and MSA records in the Mt. Hunter Ice and Mt. Logan Cores
  • Thomas Wang: Millennial Action Coalition
  • Leehi Yona: Arctic Issues

Class of 2015

  • Andrew Nalani: Transformative Learning and Youth Leadership Development in East-Africa
  • Lucia Pohlman: Finding Leverage Points for More Local Healthy Food in the Dartmouth Food System