Introducing the New Stamps Scholars

Selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on academic engagement, intellectual curiosity, and strong preparation to pursue their academic passions

Congratulations to the new Stamps Scholars


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Carson C. Goh, 2025
Redistricting and democracy: The impact of independent redistricting commissions
Faculty mentor: Jason Barabas, Government

K. Tate Greene, 2025
Renegotiating the TVA: America's 'national proving ground' for energy policy
Faculty mentor: Bethany Moreton, History

Ella E. Grim, 2025
Genevieve Taggard and early 20th century poetic networks
Faculty mentors: Jessica Beckman, English; and Colleen Boggs, English

Alex W. Joel, 2025
The impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on post-Soviet frozen conflicts
Faculty mentor: William Wohlforth, Government

Elizabeth (Shuxuan) Li, 2025
Behavioral and neural investigations of brain lateralization in face perception
Faculty mentor: Brad Duchaine, Psychology

Nadine Lorini Formiga, 2025
Theorizing energy justice in Brazil and Chile: The need for just energy transitions
Faculty mentors: Sarah Kelly, Geography; and Maron Greenleaf, Anthropology

Brandon Mioduszewski, 2025
Storytelling through video in the West Bank
Faculty mentors: Eman Morsi, Comparative Literature; and Maron Greenleaf, Anthropology

Catherine S. Nemeskal, 2025
Development of neurobiological therapies for social dysfunction and neuropsychiatric illness
Faculty mentors: Kyle Smith, Psychology; and Jon Cavanaugh, Psychology and Brain Studies

Zachary D. Shortt, 2025
Utilizing ectomycorrhizal inoculation for Southern California oak tree restoration
Faculty mentor: Caitlin Hicks Pries, Biological Sciences

Tristan E. Wells, 2025
Bison-mediated dispersal in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Faculty mentor: Bala Chaudhary, Environmental Sciences