Highlights of the 2017 Symposium

Keynote address

Keynote speaker: T. Kyle Vanderlick, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Engineering & Applied Science, Thomas E. Golden Jr. Professor of Engineering at Yale University

"Retrofitting Membranes: Wrapping up where nature left off"

Cell membranes are one of the most elegant and versatile packaging materials known to mankind. These strong, deformable,  semi-permeable, self-healing thin films are merely the thickness of two phospholipid molecules but have amazing material properties. While many, if not most, other biological wonders are far too complicated to imitate, basic membrane structures can be readily created in the
laboratory which offers opportunities for building more advanced structures and superstructures. Dr. Vanderlick will describe her lab’s progress in creating novel biological structures as well as the implications of this work for a variety of fields across engineering and medicine.

Undergraduate research poster session

200 undergraduates, from first-year to senior, presented their scientific research. Students presenting had participated in a wide variety of programs, including Women in Science Program, Sophomore Science Scholar, Junior Scholar, Presidential Scholar, and Senior Honors Thesis.  Students had faculty mentors from a wide range of scientific disciplines.  Visitors could find posters in various classrooms and in the main corridors of both the first and second floors of the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. 

2017 Christopher Reed Science Competition Prize Winners

1st Prizes:

Mallory Rutigliano (Biology)
A comparison of maternal and paternal mitochondrial dynamics in seven species of nematode
Advisor:  Erik Griffin

Isabella Caruso (Engineering)
Structure-Property-Processing Correlations in Freeze-Cast Collagen Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications
Advisor:  Ulrike Wegst

2nd Prizes:

Jonathan Huang (Psychology)
Helping the Visually Impaired Navigate Using Text Spotting: A HoloLens Application
Advisor:  Emily Cooper

Yichen Zhang (Engineering)
Circulating Tumor DNA Screening and Capture Chemistry for Pancreatic Cancer Detection
Advisor:  John Zhang

3rd Prize:

Joshua Perez (Earth Sciences)
Geochemical constraints on Middle Paleozoic Magmatism in the North Eastern Brooks Range of Alaska and Yukon Territory, Canada
Advisor:  Justin Strauss

2017 Library Research in the Sciences Prize Winners

James R. Howe VI ‘17
MiR-338-3p regulates neuronal differentiation and suppresses glioblastoma proliferation

Jessica E. Kobsa ‘20
Ability of ST2 to predict 30-day readmission or mortality after pediatric cardiac surgery