2018 Symposium

Keynote address

Keynote speaker: Juliette Madan, MD, MS

Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Pediatrics, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College

"A Second Life: Microbe-Human Interactions Beginning in Infancy"

We are at the forefront of understanding complex relationships between bacteria and multiple parameters of health of the developing infant. Bacterial colonization of the infant intestinal tract and other barrier organs begins during the process of birth, and microbes and microbial metabolites interact with humans during fetal life.  Humans have evolved over millennia to require interaction with microbes for competent immune development and metabolism, and novel functions are now being uncovered. Moreover, the establishment of the microbiome in the critical neonatal period is foundational for lifelong health and disease susceptibility.  Dr. Juliette Madan, pediatrician, neonatologist, physician-scientist and Clinical Director of the Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center at Dartmouth directs large-scale molecular epidemiology cohort investigations of human microbiome studies beginning in fetal life, in high risk populations (e.g. prematurity and cystic fibrosis) and in health.  Her research program aims to rigorously test associations between microbiome and metabolome development and human health, and to apply this knowledge to the discovery of strategies for optimal health promotion in high risk populations. 

Undergraduate research poster session

Undergraduates, from first-year to senior, present their scientific research. Students presenting participated in a wide variety of programs, including Women in Science Program, Sophomore Science Scholar, Junior Scholar, Presidential Scholar, and Senior Honors Thesis.  Students have faculty mentors from a wide range of scientific disciplines.  Visitors can find posters in various classrooms and in the main corridors of both the first and second floors of the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. A list of this year's poster presenters will be in the program distributed at the symposium. 

2018 Christopher Reed Science Competition Prize Winners

1st Place: Samuel Kim '18 (Chemistry)
2nd Place: Saemi Han '18 (Biology)
2nd Place: Brett Seeley-Hacker '18 (Biomedical Engineering)
3rd Place: Callum Backstrom '18 (Biology)
3rd Place: Victor Borza '18 (Biomedical Engineering)
3rd Place: Emily Wechsler '18 (Biomedical Engineering)

Printed posters can be viewed in the Kresge Physical Sciences Library in Fairchild Hall or online via Dartmouth Digital Commons.

2018 Library Research in the Sciences Prize Winners

Saemi Han '18
Hannah Kurka Margolis '20

2018 WISP Research Engagement Award

The 2018 WISP Research Engagement Award recognizes WISP Interns who have exhibited sustained engagement and enthusiasm about learning through research. The recipients include:

Sarah Jennewein '21
Shannon Sartain '21