Leave Term Grants

Students can apply for up to $5,200 for full time research during a leave term.


  • Applications are accepted each term for research to be conducted in the following term.
  • Funding is for full-time unpaid research. Students who are being paid or who are working on the research part-time may be considered for funding but are not eligible for the full amount of the stipend.
  • Research can be on or off campus but must be directly mentored by a Dartmouth faculty member (affiliated with the college and/or professional schools). Research internships at other institutions are not eligible for UGAR funding.
  • Students are expected to be intellectually engaged in the research rather than serving as research assistants for faculty projects. Faculty seeking research assistants should consider students for the part-time assistantship programs rather than leave term grants.
  • Group projects are welcomed.
  • Seniors are not eligible for leave term funding. In addition, students who have completed their B.A. requirements are not eligible for UGAR funding.