Honors Thesis Grants

Students can apply for up to $2,500 for expenses directly related to honors thesis research.


  • Funding is for honors thesis research during senior year only.
  • Grants are awarded for costs directly related to the research, and not cost of living (e.g. campus housing, meal plan) or an individual stipend.
  • Students apply in the term prior to the term in which they need the research funds.
  • Students may apply for funds in more than one term.
  • If the student's thesis proposal has not yet been accepted by the department or program by the grant application deadline, the student may still submit an application if endorsed by a faculty mentor.
  • Students receive the funding directly. Students and their faculty mentors need to discuss how best to apply the funding to research-related expenses. UGAR cannot transfer funds directly to faculty accounts.

More information about the grants and how to apply are available in the research section of the UGAR website.