Meal Reimbursement Policy

Guidelines for faculty who would like to take their advisees out for a meal.

Policy Details

Faculty advisors who would like to meet with their assigned first-year and second-year advisees in a more informal setting can be reimbursed for meals with those advisees. Funding for meals with other types of advisees (e.g. majors, athletic teams) is not available through UGAR.

To be reimbursed:

  • Contact Pre-Major Advising ahead of time to verify that funds are available.
  • Send itemized receipts, the names of advisees present at the meal, and a descriptive business purpose to Pre-Major Advising.
  • The department coordinator can also purchase vouchers from Dining Services.

NOTE: Dartmouth College policy does not allow reimbursement of transactions from the Hanover Inn. If you would like to take your advisees to the Pine Restaurant at the Hanover Inn, you must contact Pre-Major Advising in advance to get a chart string for the meal.