Online Calendars

In addition to paper planners, there are many online planners you can use. These calendars can also be viewed on your smart phone, through either an app or browser. Often, there are also options to sync events with other calendars (e.g. sync with different platforms / sync with other people’s calendars). We suggest using one of the following calendars:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be used on many browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. - link), and both Android and Apple offer apps for it.

It offers many options and is very easy to use:

  • Creating events: options for – name, time, location, adding other people, repeating events
    • In addition: Color coding events, time zone options
  • Option to set reminders before an event
  • Daily view, weekly view, monthly view, agenda view, + more
  • Sharing calendars (edit/view options)
    • Viewing multiple calendars at once
  • Importing calendars (from other calendars, .csv files)
  • And more!

Overall, it is a good way to keep track of your classes, extracurricular activities, work, and other events – especially during Dartmouth’s packed 10 week term.

To learn more about getting started with Google Calendar, see its G-suite Learning Center explanation.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook.Outlook Calendar is also compatible with many browsers (browser link), and it has apps on the Apple and Android app stores (Microsoft Outlook – calendar is one part of the app).

If you are at Dartmouth, you already have a free Outlook account, so it is easy to begin using Outlook Calendar. It disappears after you leave Dartmouth though, so be careful – at that point you would have to pay use it. Outlook Calendar offers the same options listed above for Google Calendar.

To learn more about using or getting started with Outlook Calendar and getting started, see Introduction to the Outlook Calendar.

Syncing Calendars

It is a little tricky to sync Google Calender with Outlook Calendar or vice versa. It is better just to stick with one calendar, but see the following links if you wish sync Outlook and Google calendars.

Curious about the differences between the two calendars? See the following links: