Welcome back! Congratulations on your return to the College. We believe in your success and are ready to support you in your time at Dartmouth.

Tips from the Deans

  • Use your resources! Dartmouth has many resources available to support students academic and personal wellbeing.
  • Plan out each term, and plan out each week.
  • Find an effective place to study!
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Talk to a counselor at Dartmouth College Health Services or schedule a wellness check in at the Student Wellness Center or contact UWill.
  • Talk to your professors—get to know them early, and seek them out often!
  • Get enough sleep. The more refreshed your body is, the more likely you are to pay attention and take effective notes in class.

Important Tasks

To prepare for a smooth transition, please be in touch with the following offices before returning to school. Your Undergraduate Dean can discuss and support you in contacting these offices if needed. 

Undergraduate Deans Office

  • Schedule a returning student meeting with your dean. This can be done over Zoom in the weeks prior to your return or in person once you are back on campus. You can do this through your dean's Calendly link, calling us at 603-646-2243, or emailing us at undergraduate.deans.office@dartmouth.edu.
    • You will have a check-in hold on DartHub until you meet with your dean
  • Review your academic plans for the term and beyond – please keep in mind that students return with the same academic standing that they had when they left
  • Discuss your support network for the term
  • Ask questions about your reengagement with the community and how to be connected to appropriate resources
  • Plan to move back to campus the day dorms open for the term in which you have been returned


You may not be able to check-in for your return term without taking care of the following items:

  • Make course selections (D-PLAN must be updated)
  • Confirm permanent mailing address and phone number
  • Discuss transfer credit(s), if applicable
  • Confirm Major status
  • Email Registrar's Office
  • Students may not have access to DartHub immediately upon their return, we recommend using the timetable on the Registrar's website to help you plan for your returning term


  • Review the Housing Return Process and Deadlines
  • Contact Housing immediately upon submitting your return application to discuss housing options. Do not wait to hear about the status of your request to return-it is best to contact Housing once you submit your return materials to the Undergraduate Deans Office
  • Submit the housing application for students seeking return
  • Email Residential Life

Student Accessibility Services

Campus Billing and DartCard Services

  • Arrange for tuition and housing bill payments
  • Make arrangements for any necessary student loan payments
  • Email Campus Billing

Financial Aid Office

  • Arrange for tuition and housing bill payments
  • Make arrangements for any necessary student loan payments
  • Obtain and complete any necessary paperwork from the Financial Aid office
  • Email Financial Aid

Dartmouth College Health Services and Insurance Office

  • Obtain student health insurance material and forms
  • Complete insurance waiver form if not enrolling in the plan
  • Make sure your health records (including vaccinations) are up to date
  • Email Medical Records & Health Plan office

Visa and Immigration Services


  • Discuss eligibility with the Athletic Compliance office


  • Some students may find it helpful to engage their families and supporters as they return to the college. Students must sign a FERPA waiver for college officials to share academic information.

Deferring or Rescinding an Approved Return

A student can defer an approval to return by one term. For example, if a student is approved to return in the fall term and they decide to return in the winter term instead, they can defer their return by one term. The student must email their undergraduate dean with this request. A return cannot be deferred for a second term. At that point, the student must rescind their return. This is also done via email to the undergraduate dean requesting their return be rescinded. Students who have rescinded their return must resubmit the necessary paperwork to return, adhering to the deadline for the term in which they wish to return. If you do not check-in for the term in which you have been returned and have not let the college know you are deferring or rescinding, the college will rescind your return.