The Office of Residential Life at Dartmouth is committed to helping you find comfort on campus.

On-Campus Housing: Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to campus and applying for on-campus housing. I would rather be in a single as my age difference makes it a bit awkward to live with a younger student in the dorms. How do I ask for housing?

  • Fill out the application for housing through the portal. At the end of the application, in the comments section, make a note that you are a veteran student of non-traditional age. The housing office will take this into consideration when placing you. Please note this is not a public application, thus this information will be kept private.

I need to be on campus over an interim break.  Am I eligible? Am I able to receive interim housing?

  • Yes, you are eligible for interim housing. You will need to request this through the interim housing application in the housing portal. Please be sure to note in the comments section that you are a veteran student of non-traditional age who considers Dartmouth as home base.

I will be on an L term after the interim break I am requesting housing for. Can I still request interim housing?

  • If you will be on an L/O/X term after the interim break, the housing office will do what they can to find you a room. It would likely not be possible for the entire break as they need to ready the rooms for the students who will be on an R term.
    • If you have a friend you can stay with, housing may be able to get you building access for the period of time you will be staying there.
    • If they are able to house you, they may need to move you to a different room.
    • Note there are limited dining options during the interim breaks. Please plan ahead for this.

I am a student applying for housing for the next academic year and would like a single due to my age. How do I go about doing this?

  • In late February/early March, send an email to housing letting them know you are a veteran student of non-traditional age that would like to discuss your housing with them. They will discuss your needs with you. You will still need to apply for housing through the portal.

Can I choose my room?   

  • No, but housing will do what they can to assist with your housing needs. They welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your questions and ideas.
  • They do their best to get you into the type of room for your needs.

A group of us are looking for an apartment. Are we able to get one ahead of room draw?

  • No, you will need to go through the apartment room draw. If you do not get an apartment, you can talk with housing the next day to discuss your needs.

I am looking for L term housing, what is possible?

  • Winter and summer you can be housed on campus if you have an internship or will be working with the college during that time.
  • Fall and spring terms are overbooked in the residence halls. No housing is available for students on L terms during these times.
  • If you are on financial aid, this does not cover L term expenses (housing/dining).
  • If you do live on campus for an L term, you are required to be on a meal plan.

I have medical needs that relate to my housing. Who do I talk to?

  • You will want to discuss your needs with both Student Accessibility Services and the Housing office.
  • You will need documentation for your needs.
  • Any request for support or service animals in the dormitories will need to go through Student Accessibility Services first.

I missed a housing deadline, what should I do?

  • Deadlines are important, please try to keep on top of when they arise.
  • If you miss a deadline, you will want to contact the housing office directly.

Who do I contact in housing when I have a question?

There are two people you will want to ask your questions to by calling 603-646-3093 or emailing at: