Dean's Certification for Professional Schools

About the Certification

The primary purpose of a Dean's Certification is to obtain information about academic and disciplinary misconduct (or lack thereof). If requested by the professional school, we will report any major disciplinary sanctions i.e. Conduct Suspension or Separation or Academic Suspension or Separation. It is not College policy to report the specifics of the proceedings; however, if further information is requested, we will provide the same Community Standards and Accountability (formerly Judidical Affairs) letter that the student received. If a student would like our office to report non-Suspension or Separation events, they will need to contact Dominique Walton via phone at 603-646-8881 and fill out a Third Party Release Form, giving us permission to do so.

Please submit the form provided by the professional school, with your section completed and signed, to Dominique Walton in the Undergraduate Deans Office via email at If the school does not provide a form, please call Dominique at 603-646-8881.

Because of the high volume of requests, your Dean's Certification can take up to 2-3 weeks to be processed. Please plan accordingly.

Dean's Certifications will only be sent to those schools that require them.