About Our Office

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Veterans

Dartmouth College has hired Assistant Dean Anne Hudak to exclusively support, represent, and advocate for the 36 undergraduate veterans currently on Dartmouth’s campus. Anne has been supporting students in the athletics department and served as an undergraduate Dean, for over a decade; she is familiar with the hurdles a student with non-traditional priorities might face.

Dean Hudak has worked tirelessly to help tailor her student’s Dartmouth experience to fit their individual needs. She has a genuine passion for supporting students with unique problems and experiences, and enjoys the relationships she can build with the older students that she supports. Dean Hudak is experienced in assisting students with children, deployed spouses, four-legged friends, and special needs:

“ Each of you has a different puzzle to put together, my job is to help you figure out what pieces you need, how to find those pieces, put those pieces together and complete your puzzle so you can graduate. No two puzzles are the same, thus getting to know each student as an individual is important to me, and to you, in finding success.”

- Dean Hudak

Dean Hudak is particularly sensitive and experienced with the need’s veterans might have as she is a military spouse and is familiar with the resources and support her students receive through the VA. She is interested in complementing/supplementing VA resources with those on campus. Not only is Dean Hudak interested in supporting the current veteran population on Dartmouth’s campus, she is actively working with the Dartmouth Admissions team to steadily recruit and increase the veteran undergraduate presence.

In her short time as the Undergraduate Dean for Veterans (September 2018), Dean Hudak has acted to secure joint housing for veterans on campus, actively recruited veterans from the Marine Corps, and facilitated unique training opportunities with Dartmouth’s Center for Professional Development. As the needs of veterans on the Dartmouth campus grow, Dean Hudak intends to support and encourage them.