Academic Planning

Choose Your Major

  • Initial decision is not binding.
  • Complete prerequisites early.
  • Points to keep in mind:
    • What is the GPA for honors in your major?
    • What do you want to do for a culminating experience?
    • Senior seminars? Departmental thesis?
    • Senior fellowships?

Synchronize Your D-Plan With Your Major

  • Consider non-major courses.
  • Distributives
  • Interests (possibly NRO)
  • Minor courses: accumulation of "interest courses"
  • Devise what terms would be required to take these courses.

Off-Campus Programs

  • Which terms programs are offered?
    • Make sure there are no conflicts with major prerequisites.
    • Consider Fall term to avoid the housing crunch.
  • Can major courses/distributives be fulfilled? Include this in your plan.


  • Terms: 12 total
    • First Year: 3 terms (F, W, S)
    • Second and Third Years: Sophomore Summer (X) + 5 other
    • Fourth Year: 3 terms (F, W, S)
  • Credits: 35 total, including pre-matriculation/transfer, exchange
  • Course load:
    • Typical course load = 3 courses per term
    • Maximum of three 2-course terms
    • Maximum of four 4-course terms

Helpful Hints

  • Spend time with the Organization, Regulations, and Courses (ORC); write courses of interest down and when they are offered
  • Look for courses that fulfill multiple needs (e.g. major and distributives)
  • Keep in touch with department about changes in requirements, offerings
  • Map out your classes and distributives on a curriculum planning worksheet or make an Excel working spreadsheet
  • Meet with advisers, professors, undergraduate deans, and DOSCs for insight
  • Keep your major updated with department and registrar
  • Monitor Degree Audit
  • Do not wait until the registration deadline approaches to choose courses
  • Plan ahead!