First-Year Students

We look forward to getting to know you during your time at Dartmouth. The Undergraduate Deans Office provides support (academic, personal, career and major advising) for all undergraduate students during their entire career at Dartmouth, from matriculation through graduation. Please watch for important ongoing communication from your Undergraduate Dean or from the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Communication from our office

Please make sure to read the emails and attachments sent by your Undergraduate Dean.

D-Plan Planning

Class of 2021: The deadline for filing your D-Plan is April 12, 2018.

  • Exception: International students on an F-1 Visa do not have to file a D-Plan by April 12, 2018. They will receive a D-Plan with an "L" (Leave term) for every summer, but can change their D-Plan once the Registrar’s office allows changes to be requested. International students should talk with their OVIS advisor about how D-Plan choices affect the visa status

Contact your undergraduate dean with questions. Use DartWorks Degree Audit on DartHub to track major and degree requirements.

D-Plan Guidelines and Planning

First-Year Student Vehicle Policy

First-year students are not allowed to have a car on campus or in Hanover. This long-standing regulation applies to motorcycles and motorbikes as well and is strictly enforced. The only exceptions are for emergency or medical situations.