First-Year Students

We have enjoyed getting to know you during your time at Dartmouth. The Undergraduate Deans Office provides support (academic, personal, career and major advising) for all undergraduate students during their entire career at Dartmouth, from matriculation through graduation. Please watch for important ongoing communication from your Undergraduate Dean or from the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Stay Informed: Important Communication from the Undergraduate Deans Office

As you begin your academic journey, we encourage you to utilize our advising guide, Explore, Engage, Excel: An Introduction to Academics at Dartmouth College

Keep reviewing this guide throughout your entire first year and use the prompts we've provided at the top of many of the pages to guide your engagement with the course descriptions and curriculum. Feel free to email the Undergraduate Deans Office when you have questions.

Process for Relinquishment of Pre-Matriculation Credit

On occasion, students may feel that they are not prepared to take the course they placed into based on the articulation of their pre-matriculation credits and/or placement tests. In such a case, students may wish to discuss their current placement with a faculty advisor from the appropriate department. If it is determined that it is in the best interest of the student to relinquish their pre-matriculation credit the student will forward written approval from the faculty advisor requesting their pre-matriculation credit be relinquished. Relinquishment of pre-matriculation credit for Math 010 Introductory Statistics (or its equivalents ECON 010, ENVS 010, GOVT 010, PSYC 010, QSS 015, and SOCY 010) may be requested by the student without prior approval from a faculty member or advisor.

Relinquishment of pre-matriculation credit is permanent and irrevocable.


For more information please see the Relinquishing Pre-Matriculation Credit/PlacementProcess Form

Communication from our office

Please make sure to read the emails and attachments sent by your Undergraduate Dean.  In addition, make sure to check this page often for updates and follow us on Instagram @dartmouthundergraddeans