Professional Development

The CPD empowers our diverse undergraduate student community to confidently pursue career goals.

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) supports all Dartmouth undergraduates in exploring career interests, identifying strengths and opportunities, applying for jobs and internships, preparing for interviews, and learning about the professional world.

The CPD provides a range of services to Dartmouth students, including individual and group career coaching, workshops, employer events, and other resources that complement personal and academic growth while helping students identify and pursue career goals.

The CPD uses Handshake, a portal that provides access to CPD workshops, coaching appointments, how-to guides, and job and internship resources, as well as targeted invitations.

Complete your Handshake profile to receive notifications on employer events/opportunities that may match your interests.

The Center for Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to create/update my resume. Where do I start?

  • Log into Handshake and review our Dartmouth Resume Template and Resume Guide. Both are housed in the Resource section of Handshake's Career Center.
  • Once you have a draft, log back into Handshake and schedule an appointment with a CPD coach. We can help you translate your military experience into civilian terms.

Is there a list of internship and career opportunities for veterans?

  • Under the jobs tab in Handshake, you can search hundreds of jobs and internship opportunities available to all Dartmouth students.
  • Many employers offer programs specifically for veteran candidates. CPD coaches can help you find programs specific to your interests. The resources for Veterans page provides a gateway to some of these programs.
  • Monitor the weekly emails that your Dean sends out, to hear about late-breaking opportunities
  • Need help finding the right opportunity? Log back into Handshake and schedule an appointment with a CPD coach.

How do I connect with alumni/ae mentors in my intended career field?

  • Create a profile in LinkedIn and begin searching for alums with matching backgrounds
  • Search the Dartmouth Career Network, a professional network of thousands of Dartmouth alumni who are willing to advise students on their career paths
  • Meet with one of our coaches to discuss your interests and get practice networking.

I need funding for an unpaid or low paid internship. Where can I find funding sources?

The CPD website lists Dartmouth offices that offer funding opportunities to students, primarily for internship experiences during pre-approved Leave terms. Funding opportunities are competitive; we suggest you read CPD's guide to writing a strong application before applying.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Email the Center for Professional Development (CPD) and indicate that you are a veteran in the subject line of your email.