Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development works hard to keep our undergraduate students and especially veterans abreast of opportunities specifically for them. Frequent visits from alumni and employers lead to programs and one on one opportunities for you to learn more.

The CPD counselors can answer questions about how to translate your military experience on a resume or help you find tools to translate your degree into a career.  

The Center for Professional Development

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to create/update my resume. Where do I start?

  • Log into Dartboard and review our Dartmouth Resume Template and Resume Guide. Both are housed in the Resource Library.
  • Once you have a draft, log back into Dartboard and schedule an appointment with a CPD advisor: Chandlee Bryan or Eric Eisendrath. We can help you translate your military experience in business terms.

How can I accelerate my career preparation and ensure success?

  • Starting in your first year, join the CPD’s Professional Development Accelerator (PDA) program. This is a step-by-step guide to creating a successful professional future, based on your individual skills and interests. Learn more about the PDA. Ask about this when you meet with one of our advisors.

Is there a list of internship and career opportunities for veterans?

  • Under the jobs and internships tab in Dartboard, you should first search the hundreds of opportunities available to all Dartmouth students.
  • Note that most employers prefer to hire juniors to fill internships, so they can then convert successful interns into full-time hires.
  • Many employers offer programs specifically for veteran candidates. Meet with one of our advisors to obtain a list of veteran-specific opportunities that match your interests.
  • Monitor the weekly emails that your Dean sends out, to hear about late-breaking opportunities
  • Need help finding the right opportunity? Log back into Dartboard and schedule an appointment with a CPD advisor Chandlee Bryan or Eric Eisendrath.

How do I connect with alumni/ae mentors in my intended career field?

  • Create a profile in LinkedIn and begin searching for alums with matching backgrounds
  • Search the Dartmouth Career Network. This is a professional network of thousands of Dartmouth alumni who are willing to advise students on their career paths
  • Learn more about how to approach potential mentors and what kinds of questions to ask. Meet with one of our advisors to discuss your interests and get practice networking.

I need funding for an unpaid or low paid internship. Where can I find funding sources?

The CPD website offers an extensive list of funding resources.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Email the Center for Professional Development (CPD) and indicate that you are a veteran in the subject line of your email.