Campus Billing

About Campus Billing

Campus Billing can answer many questions for you regarding your bills from the college. Always check your DartHub first as your account should accurately show your charges. If you feel there are discrepancies, don’t hesitate to be in touch with their office.

The Campus Billing office understands funds from the VA may not show up before the due date of your bills, please read through the frequently asked questions for more information on how not to incur late charges. 

Campus Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

When the bill comes out, I don’t have the funds to pay it because they come from the VA. What should I do to avoid late charges?

  • The form to indicate that your VA benefits are pending is available through D-Pay. If you fill this out before the term begins, this will save you emails from Campus Billing and the headache of needing to reverse late charges. As you know, Post 9/11 benefits pay tuition and fees.
  • Any Dartmouth financial aid should memo on the bill.  Therefore, if a balance is due after the VA benefit and financial aid is deducted from the billed amount, you should do one of the following;
    • Pay the difference
    • Sign up for the payment plan or,
    • Make arrangements with Kathy Page to pay the remainder.
  • Some of you will have a balance due for housing and food that you need to pay out of the BAH funding that is paid directly to you. Since this will not come in until the first of the month after classes begin, please be in touch with Kathy Page if you will need until this date to pay this balance. If you need an advance while you are waiting on BAH benefits that are pending, don’t hesitate to contact Laura McClay.

If I am struggling to pay a campus bill who should I contact?

Kathy Page is the best person to contact. You can email her, call her at 603-646-3230, or stop by 10 North Main Street (McNutt Hall), room 103.

When should I fill out the payment explanation form?

I’m living off campus, do I have to pay for a meal plan?

  • Contact dining services' Jon Plodzik by email or call 603-646-2022. Make sure you let him know you are a veteran, non-traditional student. He will work with you based on your situation.

If I am renting an apartment from the College (i.e. Sachem Village), how often should I be paying rent?

  • You should pay this monthly to your d-pay account.
  • Even though the payments are through the college, you should act as though Dartmouth is your landlord. Payments monthly will allow you to not get backed up on payments at the end of a term or at the beginning of a term. If you owe the college money, you may not be eligible to check in for the term.