Event Registration

Registering Events

Event Registration is required for COSO groups. This includes all events such as, but not limited to, regularly scheduled meetings and rehearsals, study breaks, speaker events, etc. In other words, any event requiring an on-campus space reservation. 

The goal of the event registration system is to: 

  • Streamline the event reservation and registration process. 

  • Provide a centralized calendar for student events. 

  • Help groups retain information and knowledge as they transition from year to year.

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  1. An officer of the organization should log-in to Dartmouth Groups: http://dartmouthgroups.dartmouth.edu
    [Do not use the organization account to create or register your events.]

  2. Click on Events

  3. Click "+Create Event"

  4. Select the organization. 

  5. Fill out the form with information about the event. 

  6. There is a "recurring options" button in the "When" section. 

  7. When you get to # 3 "Where"- fill out the details and then click "Book Rooms." This is linked to EMS and it will only show you the rooms that are available

  8. Complete the room booking and finish the rest of the form. 

  9. Once you submit the Event Creation part of the process, additional questions will pop up. You must answer these to complete your event registration. 

  10. Look for an email that your event is "approved."

  11. Look for an email that your space request has been confirmed. 

* The event registration form must be completed at least 2 business days prior to your event. 

* Reservations will not be confirmed without the event registration "approval" process being completed.

Questions or issues – please contact DartmouthGroups@dartmouth.edu or COSO@dartmouth.edu