Elections Planning and Advisory Committee

The Elections Planning and Advisory Committee (EPAC) is a student-run committee formed at the start of each winter term to oversee the campus-wide general election process for spring term.

About the EPAC

The EPAC believes and supports the philosophy that an open, fair, and well-organized election process plays an essential part in strengthening our community and student governance at Dartmouth College. We strive to administer each election with the Principle of Community and this philosophy in mind.

Each year the EPAC is responsible for ensuring a fair election by justly enforcing the provisions set forth in the General Election Code.

  • We set a specific timeline for all official election events.
  • We publicize the election and the process for becoming a candidate.
  • We inform candidates of the election rules and guidelines during mandatory information sessions.
  • We rule on all campaign-related matters (including alleged campaign violations and clarifications to the General Election Code).
  • We verify and publicize the results of the campus-wide election.


Information regarding COS and OAC Student Membership:

Current Membership


  • Luke Cuomo ’20

Voting Members

  • Jeffrey Fastow '18
  • Henry Wilson '18
  • Michelle Wang '19
  • Farid Djamalov '21
  • Maria Smith-Lopez '21
  • Valerie Truong '21


  • Steven King, Program Director, Office of Student Life

Election Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change prior to the beginning of the campaign period:

  • Tuesday, 3/27 – Second Informational Meeting at 7:30PM, Collis 101
  • Thursday, 3/29 – Third Informational Meeting at 7:30PM, Haldeman 041
  • Wednesday, 4/4 – Petitions due at 4:00PM to Collis Suite 303 (Office of Student Life)
  • Saturday, 4/7 – Campaigning begins at 12:01AM
  • Monday, 4/16 – Debates 7:30PM, Dartmouth 105
  • Tuesday, 4/17 – Election Day