Resources for Organizations

Samples and templates of required components for the Student Organization Accountability Program (SOAP) Review. Pay close attention to required portions. Submit all documents in Microsoft Word or Excel format.

Board Presentation Outline

All organizations presenting to the Student Organization Accountability Board will be prepared to discuss:

  1. The organization mission statement. (What is the spirit of what you do?)
  2. Annual goals of the organization. (Why are these your goals?)
  3. Challenges the organization has faced in the last 1-2 years. (What have you done to address these?)
  4. Successes the organization has seen in the last 1-2 years. (What are some examples of things you take pride in?)

No Powerpoint; notes are encouraged.

Constitution/Governing Document

Use this sample constitution as a frame of reference. Examples of text for specific required sections are found within the document. Contact the Student Organization Accountability Program Director with any questions.