Senior or Graduating Undergraduate Prizes

Seniors or students in their graduating year are eligible for the Barrett All-Round Achievement Cup, the Hannah T. Croasdale Award, the Philip D. McInnis '36 Award, the Grace and James S. Parkes 1920 Prize, and the Mina H. Warren Scholarship Prize.

The nomination process is closed for 2024. Thank you for your nominations!

We will open the process for the Class of 2025 and other graduating undergraduates in Winter 2025, encouraging staff, administrators, and faculty to nominate.

Please contact Kathleen Cunneen in the Office of Student Life with any questions.

The Barrett All-Round Achievement Cup


As its name implies, the Barrett All-Round Achievement Cup is awarded annually to a member of the Senior Class who shows the greatest promise of becoming a factor in the outside world through strength of character and qualities of leadership, record of scholarship and broad achievement, and influence among their fellow students.

Recipients' names are engraved on a trophy displayed in the Collis Center.

Gift from John Barrett, 1889. First awarded in 1914.


  • 2023: Pulkit Nagpal
  • 2022: John Cho 
  • 2021: Miles Marell Battle
  • 2020: Gustavo de Almeida Silva
  • 2019: Storm Avery Mata
  • 2018: Ho-Chun Herbert Chang
  • 2017: Jake Robert Donehey
  • 2016: Andrew Nalani
  • 2015: Hugh Neville Danilack
  • 2014: William Brandon DeBot
  • 2013: Brendin Ryan Beaulieu-Jones
  • 2012: Adam Turett Rice
  • 2011: Anise Gregory Vance
  • 2010: Derek Sven Stenquist

The Hannah T. Croasdale Award

Awarded each year to a member of the Senior Class who has made the most significant contribution to the quality of life for women at Dartmouth, recognizing the powerful link between the quality of life for women, and the quality of life for all students.

This award is given in honor of the late Professor Hannah Croasdale who, for more than forty years, was a member of the Biology department at Dartmouth.

Recipients' names are engraved on a silver bowl displayed in the Collis Center.


  • 2023: Samiha Datta, David Witt Millman
  • 2022: Dhwani Kharel
  • 2021: Maggie Catherine Flaherty
  • 2020: Alexandra Edensword Conway, Anne Yates Pinkney
  • 2019: Neerja Bhagwati Thakkar
  • 2018: Bukiwe Pansy Simile Sihlongonyane
  • 2017: Kalie Rose Marsicano
  • 2016: Yejadai M. Dunn
  • 2015: Sophia Bronwyn Pedlow
  • 2014: Alexandria Michelle Leach
  • 2013: Nell Robinson Pierce
  • 2012: Danielle Sara Levin, Hikaru Yamagishi
  • 2011: Katherine Marjorie Lindsay, Kashay Nichelle Sanders
  • 2010: Julissa Veronica Llosa, Alexandra Kath Schindler

The Philip D. McInnis '36 Award

Awarded annually to a member of the Senior Class who contributed most significantly to the College through depth of integrity and character, capacity for leadership, academic achievement, and commitment to the life of the community, and who shows the greatest promise of positive impact in the years to come.

Recipients' names are engraved on a trophy displayed in the Collis Center.

Established in 1977 in honor of Philip McInnis '36 who was an "administrative officer and was especially helpful in programs supporting women's activities."


  • 2023: Aditi Gupta
  • 2022: Dominique Mobley
  • 2021: Ameena Razzaque
  • 2020: Jessica Marie Campanile
  • 2019: Paulina Corinne Calcaterra
  • 2018: Charlotte Foster Blatt
  • 2017: Iman AbdoulKarim
  • 2016: Silvia Arora
  • 2015: Rachael Emily Williams
  • 2014: Miriam Jerotich Kilimo
  • 2013: Emma Louise Smith
  • 2012: Marietta Elaine Smith
  • 2011: Emily Towles Broas
  • 2010: Jessica Carnita Guthrie

The Grace and James S. Parkes 1920 Prize

Awarded annually to a member of the Senior Class who has a demonstrated record of concern for others and exemplifies the personal qualities of kindness, good fellowship, and respect.

This award was established in 1986 by Dr. James C. Parkes '57 DMS '59 in honor of the personal qualities of his parents and their devotion to education.


  • 2023: Sheen Kim
  • 2022: Juan Quinonez Zepeda
  • 2021: Amanda Valerie Chen
  • 2020: Mychaela Wing Sea Anderson
  • 2019: Amrit Kaur Ahluwalia
  • 2018: Anirudh Kumar Udutha
  • 2017: Keva Xuan-duy Bui
  • 2016: Madeline Sarah Cooper
  • 2015: Ridwan Hassen
  • 2014: Gina Jaehee Greenwalt
  • 2013: Jennifer DeShae McGrew
  • 2012: Jeremy Alonso Guardiola
  • 2011: Robert Evans Avruch
  • 2010: Dana Ashley Daugherty

The Mina H. Warren Scholarship Prize

Presented annually to that member of the graduating class, four years in attendance at Dartmouth, who ranks highest in scholarship.

This award was established in 1906 through a gift of Kenneth Archibald, 1902, and Cecil Archibald, 1905, in memory of their aunt.


  • 2023: Brendan Michael Balthis, Benjamin Douglas Cullivan, Spencer Benjamin Grimm, Kamren Jahan Khan, Sheen Kim, Jonathan Won Lee, Dakota Chen Ma '22, Sarah Keiko Mischel, Megan J. Ren, Steven Michael Shin, Cypress Joan Toomey, Ananya Nirbhay Vaidya                                                     
  • 2022: Melissa Alexsandra Barales-Lopez, Clayton Scott Bass, Keara M. Dennehy, Anna Julia Dos Santos Furtado, Archita Mitya Harathi, Aaron Lin Lee, Mien Thuy Nguyen, Max Ashok Pumilia, Matthew Conway Roth, Kristina Gabrielle Strommer, Kimberly Min-en Tan, Victor Yuhang Wu, Jason Zavras
  • 2021: William Hirst Baxley, Kate Stanger Budney, Amanda Valerie Chen, Utsav Jalan, Michael Martin St. George, Emily J. Stehr, Sanjena A. Venkatesh
  • 2020: Emma Shirley Louise, Brandon Nicholas Nye, Scott T. Okuno, Joshua Bernard Perlmutter, Armin Tavakkoli, Sebastian Robert Wurzrainer
  • 2019: Liu Chen, Andrew Ankang Liu, Anant Shubham Mishra, Siyuan Sonia Qin, Alexander Eckard Sullivan, Ruoni Wang
  • 2018: Hae-lin Cho, Katherine Patricia Clayton, Nicholas Giacomo Norwitz, Jean Zhou
  • 2017: Brian Chen, Yerin Yang, Zhecheng Yao, Ran Zhuo
  • 2016: Michael Hans Dettmer, Robert Holt Klingenberger, Christopher Laughlin Leech, Ke Li, Robert Joseph Scales, Jonathan Paul Vandermause, Sarah Anne Waltcher, Bingyue Wang
  • 2015: Catherine Marie Baker, David Bessel, Talia Nika Shoshany
  • 2014: Serena Xikang Liu, Jonathan Konrad Pedde, Ethan J. Portnoy, Ezra Jeremiah Toback
  • 2013: Maura Anne Farley, Joshua Leonard Kornberg, Joel Kenneth Malkin, Anna Marie Morenz, Marina Bowen Romani
  • 2012: Mark William Begor, Glynnis Elizabeth Kearney, David Joseph Rogg, Jie Zhong
  • 2011: Alexandra Blake Heywood, Nicole Yunger Halpern
  • 2010: Benjamin Adam Gifford, Gregory William Hart, Tomi Wei Jun, Adrian Martin Wood-Smith