Student Organization Accountability Program

The Student Organization Accountability Program (SOAP) outlines privileges and expectations to serve as a framework for student organizations to create positive and meaningful contributions to campus.

About the Program

In January 2015, President Hanlon outlined his plan for Moving Dartmouth Forward, during which he highlighted the need to clarify and strengthen accountability for student organizations. The expectations and review process are meant to “demonstrate that [organization] structures (advisers, meetings, oversight, accountability, etc.) and programming enhance students’ academic and personal development and contribute to the health and well-being of the members of the organization and the community as a whole and promote inclusivity.”

A working group of Dartmouth students and staff members was convened to develop shared standards of student organizations. The result is the Student Organization Accountability Program. The Board that will review content for each organization consists of up to 10 students and is chaired by the Student Organization Accountability Program Director.

Student Organization Accountability Program Board

The Student Organization Accountability Program Board will meet each term to review currently recognized Dartmouth student organizations. This will include review of materials submitted through Engage as well as hearing presentations from Dartmouth student organizations being reviewed in the given term.

The review will result in a report highlighting organizational achievements and feedback on areas for improvement. Organizations reviewed will be in the running for the Student Life Award(s) for Outstanding Organizational Achievement, which will be selected by the Board.

Applications will be reviewed and an interview will be set up to determine the final members of the Student Organization Accountability Program Board.

Annual Report

At the end of each academic year, the Student Organization Accountability Program will release a report summarizing the previous Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Celebrating the accomplishments of organizations that excel, the report will announce the recipients of the Award for Outstanding Organizational Achievement for that academic year cycle.