Student Organization Review Process

Affected Parties

All Students

Policy Statement


The Student Organization Accountability Board will provide a thorough review for organizations under the following circumstances:

  • All organizations will have a SOAP Review at least once every four years.
  • Discretion of Student Organization Accountability Director (with input from departments).

NOTE: Organizations' home department may have a process above and beyond the Student Organization Accountability Program. This does not exempt student organizations from the Student Organization Accountability process. Each department is responsible for assessing their organizations. If the organization is not meeting expectations, the department should address.

Student Organization Accountability Board

  • 6-10 undergraduate students
  • Chair: Student Organization Accountability Director


  • Organizations will receive notification of their review status during the term prior to their review. An information meeting between organization leadership and the SOAP Director is strongly encouraged at that time.
  • During the term of a review:
    • An anonymous member survey will be distributed prior to an organization's review date.
    • The week before the review date, a meeting is required between organization leadership and the SOAP Director to review survey data, organization documents, and prepare for the organization's presentation.
    • On the review date, organizations will have an appointment with the Student Organization Accountability Board including time to present and time for questions from the Board.
    • An outcome meeting will be scheduled with the SOAP Director shortly after the review.

Review Components

The review process will consist of three components: the materials provided by the organization, materials gathered from the Dartmouth community, and the Accountability Board Review.

  • Organization Materials
    • Through Engage, organizations submit information regarding the functioning of the group along with demographic data including, but not limited to leadership structure, financial procedures, and challenges and successes.
  • Community Materials
    • Information provided by the home department and an anonymous member survey.
  • Accountability Board Review
    • In-person presentation to the Accountability Board.
    • Review of all materials and data collected throughout the process.


  • Approval: Organization is approved and maintains active status.
  • At-Risk Status: Organizations may be placed on "at-risk status" until such time as they are successfully meeting Student Organization Accountability requirements. This will occur if they are not meeting expectations or are not sufficiently contributing positively to the community. The Student Organization Accountability Program Director will provide specific requirements and deliverables to move to "approval" status. The Student Organization Accountability Program Director will work in conjunction with the overseeing department and will share these recommendations with them. If the organization does not show improvement or new issues arise, the organization may be de-recognized after additional review. The Director may also decide to extend at-risk status if new issues arise or if the organization shows partial improvement.
  • De-Recognition: Organization is de-recognized and no longer has any of the privileges of recognition. If the organization wishes to appeal, it must be done in writing and within 15 days. The appeal will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Student Life in consultation with the director that oversees the organization.

Effective Date

July 1, 2015

Last Revised Date

December 20, 2019

Office of Primary Responsibility