Open Expression Facilitators

What is the OEF Program?

To better support undergraduate student events and open expression policies at Dartmouth, the Office of Student Life sponsors and supports an Open Expression Facilitator Program where faculty and staff serve as neutral observers at designated events, while also providing guidance to student organizations on the Freedom of Expression and Dissent policy.

Role of an Open Expression Facilitator

An Open Expression Facilitator's role is to provide a presence at, and, if necessary, address disruption at qualifying events hosted by recognized undergraduate student organizations, and offer guidance on FED policy and guidelines. OEFs are neutral observers serving without bias.

Qualifying Events

With proper lead time, coordinators of recognized undergraduate organization events can request the presence of an Open Expression Facilitator. Otherwise, an OEF may be assigned to any undergraduate event where the Freedom of Expression and Dissent policy might be challenged. This determination will be made based on any number of factors, including, but not limited to the presence of a high-profile guest(s); the nature of the content or proposed topic(s); evidence of potential disruption; recommendation by or from the FED committee or College administration.

OEF Liaison

Assistant Dean McKenna