Organizational Adjudication Committee (OAC)

The OAC holds hearings for an organization for which sanctions may include suspension or revocation of recognition. Lower level organizational cases are heard through the Administrative Hearing process.

Makeup of an OAC Panel

A full OAC panel includes three students, two faculty, and two administrators.

  • The Dean of the Faculty appoints faculty members.
  • The Dean of the College appoints students each fall or in elections coordinated by the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee (EPAC) each spring.
  • Students can apply online to join the COS or OAC.
  • The President appoints staff members.

Group Accountability

College recognition of student organizations is a privilege, and student organizations are recognized and supported in order to further the broad educational objectives of the College.

In appropriate circumstances consistent with the College's Group Accountability Policy, College-recognized undergraduate student organizations may be held accountable for the behaviors of current and former members, as well as officers who violate the existing Standards of Conduct.