Report a Concern

If you wish to make a report, please see the resources below. The undergraduate deans office might be a resource to you if you have questions or concerns about the reporting process.

Sexual Respect

The College supports and encourages prompt reporting of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. A report can be made by anyone who knows about the incident. For more information on reporting these kinds of concerns please contact the Title IX Office at 603-646-0922 or by email.

Student Outreach & Support

Report your concerns about an undergraduate student's behavior or health to the Division of Student Affairs by filling out the Student Outreach & Support Form.

Individual/Organizational Conduct - Community Standards & Accountability

Report your concerns about organizational or individual student conduct to us. To report a potential violation of the Academic Honor Principle please use the link below.

Academic Honor Principle Violation - Community Standards & Accountability

Please use the Academic Honor Principle Violation Reporting Form to report any potential academic honor principle violations.  Please use the other links on this page if you wish to report a behavioral concern.

Achieving Community Together Reporting Form

All members of the Dartmouth community have a responsibility to contribute to, and maintain, a welcoming and inclusive environment. If you witness or are directly impacted by an incident, immediately contact a College official or Safety and Security at 603-646-4000, or submit the report using the Online Reporting  Form.

Office of Residential Life

Your UGA and Assistant Director are available in difficult times. They can help you contact other offices as needed.

Undergraduate Deans Office

Your Undergraduate Dean is available for a wide range of support, including discussing any concerns you may have and potentially reporting that concern to another office.