Committee members are an important part of the student conduct process at Dartmouth. Our members allow responding students to have their cases heard by a committee representative of the Dartmouth community. The Committee on Standards (COS) and Organizational Adjudication Committee (OAC) are comprised of second, third, and fourth-year students, faculty, and staff members.

Requirements for Membership

  • Student members must be sophomores, juniors, and seniors with no prior suspension from the College, and not on college or academic probation during their terms of service. Students who are on leave terms but are in the Hanover area are eligible to serve.
  • Faculty are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty.
  • Staff members of the committee are appointed by the President.

Student Application

If you wish to join the COS and OAC, please fill out the COS Application. The Dean of the College for Student Affairs will appoint students to the COS at the beginning of the Fall 2019 term, or students can stand for election in spring 2020 term.