Dissent and Disruption

Dissent vs Disruption

Dissent: The expression of opinions, views, and/or values at variance with those expressed- or being expressed- by others, in a manner that does not obstruct, disrupt, or threaten any individual, the campus community, or the functioning of a campus event; or otherwise violate the College's Standards of Conduct.

Disruption (From the Standards of Conduct): Students and student organizations must not engage in behavior that threatens the safety, security or functioning of the College, the safety and security of its members, or the safety and security of others.

Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to:

Disorderly conduct. The College requires orderly conduct of all students while in Hanover and its environs, as well as at any College-related function or activity, whether in Hanover or elsewhere (including, for example, students on off-campus programs or players and spectators at "away" athletic contests). Any disruption of the orderly processes of the College.

Civil disobedience is not protected and may result in removal, disciplinary action, and/or arrest.

Means of Expression or Dissent

The information below should be viewed as guidance and recommendations, not policy. 

Before, During, & After a Program

  • Write letters to speaker, College sponsors, public representatives, or Dartmouth administrators;
  • Write op-ed in campus publications;
  • Dissenting poster campaign;
  • Offer support to members of the College community who might feel hurt, marginalized, or offended by a speaker or topic being discussed; 
  • Alternative programming.

Outside the Venue

  • Protest, picket, peaceful assembly, distribute literature, and circulate petitions.
    • DOSS and C & E can assists in coordinating an assembly site;
    • May include singing, chanting, and signage.

Inside the Venue

  • Hold up cards or bring signs unless specifically banned by event host.
    • Cannot be affixed or make a direct threat;
    • May not obstruct the view of others.
  • Put tape over mouth;
  • Stage non-disruptive/non-obstructive walk-out;
  • Turn back on speaker(s) without blocking the view of others.

Responding to a Program

  • Counter speaker, panel, or demonstration with approval and following College policies.
    • Seek co-sponsorships with College centers, offices, departments, and student organizations.
  • Exhibits, public forums, teach-in, vigil, peaceful marches, and public assemblies (with approval and following policies).
    • Follow C & E and Town of Hanover processes and policies, including permitting.

Symbolic Structures

  • Construct or erect temporary displays and symbolic structures with College approval;
  • Exhibitions, interactive displays, walls, models, and artistic expression with College approval;
  • Displays should include attribution, including contact information for the sponsoring individual or group.