Transept Windows

The two transept windows, in the south transept, are also presidential memorial windows.

The Window of President Lord

Contains the figure of Moses holding in his left hand the tables of the Decalogue, while his right hand is raised as though proclaiming to the people. Behind him rises a rock cliff, while a gleam of water seen through a reddish haze on his right may indicate the Red Sea. This window was contributed by Hon. Caleb Blodgett, J. W. Rollins and other friends in Boston.

The Window of President Smith

Contains the figure of St. James. He is represented in the customary mode, holding a pilgrim staff in his right hand, and wrapped in a cloak. The water view of the background would naturally indicate the Sea of Galilee, on the shore of which he was called by the Master. This window was procured by Professor B.T. Blanpied from friends of the Agricultural College.

The President Bartlett Window

And finally, the small round window above the south transept is a memorial to President Samuel Colcord Bartlett, eighth president of Dartmouth (1877-1892). It was dedicated in 1905. The dedication ceremony states that this window was designed by the Tiffany Studios, but there is no verification of this claim.