Request a Tutor

Regular Request

Starting 19W, tutor request forms will now be available on the first day of classes. 

Tutees must request a tutor for each course separately.

Once matched, it is the responsibility of the tutee to contact the tutor to set up a meeting time.

Regular Tutor Request

Specific Request

In order for you to be matched with a specific tutor, all of the following steps must be completed:

  1. You must fill out an application requesting a specific tutor and your tutor must fill out an application requesting a specific tutee
  2. You must both come meet with a Tutor Clearinghouse staff member during office hours to discuss the match.

Please note: Specific matches are a two-step process. After filling in the forms requesting each other (Step 1 - tutor requesting tutee and vice versa), both tutor and tutee will have to come in any time during Tutor Clearinghouse office hours for a short meeting to approve your specific match (Step 2). This is needed for all matches to be official. You do not need to wait for communication from the Tutor Clearinghouse to come in for a specific match meeting. Tutoring should only begin once these steps have been completed. Payments cannot be processed for tutoring that occurs before the match is official.  

Request for a Specific Tutor

Haven't Been Matched?

If you applied for a peer tutor and haven't heard back from us, it's because we're still working on recruiting a tutor for you. We will notify you once we have someone for you, but there are other steps you can take to help you achieve your goals!  Reach out to TAs in the course, and/or attend faculty office hours!  If there are students that are "known" to have done well in the course previously, let us know and we will try to recruit them for you.  Alternatively, joining a study group/attending weekly study groups sessions is a great way to receive help in a course.  Or, meet with a Resident Expert in your House Community! 

Read our FAQ page for more information.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any further questions. 


Tutoring (3 hours per week per subject) is available to all students at no expense.

For additional tutoring time beyond 3 hours/week, students must compensate their tutors directly ($12/hr or $15/hr for Engineering tutors).