Request a Tutor

Regular Request

During spring term (20S), tutor request forms will be available April 6.  Our focus during this season of remote learning will be on group tutoring (Study Groups and Resident Experts) so that we have the best opportunity to meet all the needs of students seeking peer academic enhancement.  Once these new protocols are up/running smoothly, we will consider 1:1 (random and specific) tutor requests.  Until then, we encourage all students to engage with the group tutoring support systems that are in place.  Your patience as we pivot to our new remote platforms is much appreciated.

Request a Tutor

Specific Request

In order for you to be matched with a specific tutor, all of the following steps must be completed:

  1. You must fill out an application requesting a specific tutor and your tutor must fill out an application requesting a specific tutee
  2. Due to the remote nature of our work during Spring term, an online process will be substituted for our regular meetings between the tutor/tutee/Tutor Clearinghouse.  STAY TUNED.

Please note: As mentioned earlier, the in-person meetings are being pivoted to an online process.  Compensated tutoring should only begin once these steps have been completed. Payments cannot be processed for tutoring that occurs before the match is official.  

Request for a Specific Tutor

Haven't Been Matched?

As mentioned earlier, the focus of the Tutor Clearinghouse during 20S is on group tutoring (Study Groups/Resident Experts).  We would strongly encourage all to engage with these group tutoring offerings; you may find that they work well (maybe even as well as 1:1), given the interaction between students and the insights that are gained from that give-and-take.

Any 1:1 tutoring requests (random or specific) will be considered once the group tutoring is up/running smoothly.  The forms to place your request will become available April 6.  Again, any 1:1 tutoring requests (random or specific) will be considered once the group tutoring is up/running smoothly.  We will notify you once we have the 1:1 process going, but there are other steps you can take to help you achieve your goals!  If there is a study group for your class, join it!  If there is none, and there seems to be significant interest in forming one, speak to your professor.  Reach out to TAs in the course, and/or attend faculty office hours!   Alternatively, consider meeting with a Resident Expert during one of their remote sessions (more to come).

Read our FAQ page for more information.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any further questions. 


Tutoring (3 hours per week per subject) is available to all students at no expense.

For additional tutoring time beyond 3 hours/week, students must compensate their tutors directly ($12/hr or $15/hr for Engineering tutors).