Become a Group Tutor

Group Tutors host a Tutoring Group for up to five students, rather than work individually with a student.

Become a Group Tutor

Applications to be a Group Tutor are accepted just before a term begins. The Tutor Clearinghouse will reach out to students who meet the criteria to see if they are interested in doing this work. Click here to apply to become a Group Tutor.

Remember, Group Tutor applications do not roll over from one term to the next. All tutors must reapply every term. 


Group Tutors must have received A or A- grade in the course and/or be recommended by the course instructor. 

Time Commitment

Group Tutors are expected to work 1.5 hours per week, plus training, meeting with faculty, and occasional pre-exam review sessions (all compensated at the regular hourly rate).

Rate of Pay

The Tutor Clearinghouse pays its Group Tutors $13.50/hour.


Applications to be an Group Tutor opened on February 26th: 21S Group Tutor Application


International Students are subject to different rules regarding on-campus employment.  Before accepting any employment be sure to review the rules and contact your OVIS advisor if you have any questions. 

F-1 Students, see: 

J-1 Students, see:

Training Schedule

Online training sessions are now MANDATORY for ALL tutors. Students will receive an official hiring email from and will be advised of online training details.