Become a Tutor


Tutors must have received at least an A- in the course or an equivalent AP/credit for specified courses. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule! To see if you're eligible to be a tutor, please email the Tutor Clearinghouse.

For tutors who placed out of taking a specific course on account of their AP credit, it is your responsibility to read the syllabus of the course you want to tutor. We depend on you to be knowledgeable on the material that will be covered in the course. 

If it has been a while since you have taken the course, it is encouraged that you reach out to the faculty in order to be a great resource for your tutees.

Time Commitment

Tutors are expected to have in their schedule up to 3 hours per week available for each tutee (depending on individual tutee need).

Rate of Pay

The Tutor Clearinghouse pays its tutors $12/hour, with the exception of engineering tutors, who receive $15/hour.


Tutors must apply for the position every term. Your application does not carry over from term-to-term.


International Students are subject to different rules regarding on-campus employment.  Before accepting any employment be sure to review the rules and contact your OVIS advisor if you have any questions. 

F-1 Students, see:

J-1 Students, see:

Regular Tutor Application

Specific Match

As mentioned elsewhere, the peer academic enrichment efforts are being prioritized to focus on study groups and drop-in tutoring with the resident experts (introductory courses in chemistry, economics and mathematics).  Once these group tutoring platforms are up/running, the Tutor Clearinghouse will consider 1:1 peer tutoring (both random requests, as well as specific requests).  In the interim, all students are strongly encouraged to engage with the group tutoring that will be provided via study groups and drop-in sessions with the Resident Experts.

As before, if a tutor and tutee request one another, they may be tentatively matched via e-mail.

The previous protocol to have the match approved by attending a meeting in the Academic Skills Center is being moved to an online format. 

Individuals wishing to work together must complete this process before the match is considered official and the tutor can be paid by the Tutor Clearinghouse.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details!

Tutor Application Requesting a Specific Tutee

Training Sessions

Training is offered several times at the beginning of each term. Although training is not mandatory, there are some significant areas of concern that we hope everyone will value as a way to make their work that much more helpful for their tutees.

Haven't Been Matched?

If you have applied to be a tutor, but haven't received an email from us yet, it's because we haven't received any requests from students for tutors in that course. If you want to increase your chances of being matched, we encourage you to apply to be a tutor in a different course in which you have done well. Please email [email protected] at any time if you would like more tutees, or for information on what courses we are experiencing a demand in.