Become a Tutor


Tutors must have received at least an A- in the course previously or equivalent AP/credit for specified courses. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule! To see if you're eligible to be a tutor, please email the Tutor Clearinghouse.

Time Commitment

Tutors are expected to have in their schedule up to 3 hours per week available for each tutee (depending on individual tutee need).

Rate of Pay

The Tutor Clearinghouse pays its tutors $12/hour, with the exception of engineering tutors, who receive $15/hour.

Request a Specific Person to Tutor

Please note that in order for you to be matched with your specific tutee, three steps are required:

     1) You must fill out an application requesting a specific tutee

     2) Your tutee also must fill out an application requesting you as a specific tutor

     3) You must both come meet with a Tutor Clearinghouse staff member during office hours to discuss the match.

18W Application Requesting a Specific Tutee

Training Sessions

Training is offered three times each term, at the beginning of the term. Although training is not mandatory, there are some significant areas of concern that we hope everyone will value as a way to make their work that much more helpful for their tutees.

Haven't Been Matched?

If you have applied to be a tutor, but haven't received an email from us yet, it's because we haven't received any requests from students for tutors in that course. If you want to increase your chances of being matched, we encourage you to apply to be a tutor in a different course in which you have done well.