About Tutoring

Peer Academic Enrichment

At the Tutor Clearinghouse, we provide 1:1 peer academic enrichment each term by matching undergraduate students wanting guidance in a course with other students who have excelled in the course previously. 

Please note:  during 20S, we are prioritizing group tutoring (Study Groups and Resident Expert drop-in hoursas opposed to 1-on-1 guidance.  Peer Tutoring requests (1:1 random and specific requests) will be considered once the group tutoring offerings are up/running smoothly.  

Students will have an opportunity to register their requests for individual matches beginning Monday, April 6.

Requesting Specific Tutors/Tutees

Specific Requests

If a tutor and tutee request one another, they may be tentatively matched via e-mail.

The previous protocol to have the match approved is being moved to an online format. 

Individuals wishing to work together must complete this process before the match is considered official and the tutor can be paid by the Tutor Clearinghouse.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details!

Continuing Work A With Tutor/Tutee

Any students who have been matched in a prior term that wish to continue working together in an immediately-following term must still submit the requisite paperwork for approval. Assumptions about your ability to continue to work together should not be considered an automatic approval (on your part) to do so.

Looking for Help in an English Class?

Unfortunately, the Tutor Clearinghouse does not provide tutors for English classes. However, there are other many other resources on campus to help you! See our Campus Resources page here.

Specifically, the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) is a good service to consider. RWIT is free, and their tutors hold one-to-one sessions where they help you with anything related to writing assignments: brainstorming, editing, developing "more effective composing strategies," and more! You can book undergraduate or graduate sessions from their website. RWIT offers tutoring not only just for assignments in English classes, but other classes as well - if you are struggling with writing a research paper or working on a multimedia assignment, RWIT tutors can help you.