About Tutoring

Peer Academic Enrichment

At the Tutor Clearinghouse, we provide 1:1 peer academic enrichment each term by matching undergraduate students wanting guidance in a course with other students who have excelled in the course previously.

Requesting Specific Tutors/Tutees

Specific Requests

If a tutor and tutee request one another, they may be tentatively matched via e-mail. However, they must also see a member of our staff during office hours to be matched in person before the match is considered official and the tutor can be paid by the Tutor Clearinghouse.

Continuing Work A With Tutor/Tutee

Any students who have been matched in a prior term that wish to continue working together in an immediately-following term must still submit the requisite paperwork for approval. Assumptions about your ability to continue to work together should not be considered an automatic approval (on your part) to do so.