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Spring Term Study Group Schedule

Department Course # Course Name
BIOL 12 Cell Structure and Funtion
CHEM 51 Organic Chemistry
EARS 1 How the Earth Works
ECON 1 The Price System
ECON 10 Intro to Stastical Methods
ECON 20 Econometrics
ECON 21 Microeconomics
ECON 22 Macroeconomics
ECON 26 Intermediaries and Markets
EDUC 1 Intro to Education
GEOG 17 Geopolitics and Third World Development
GOVT 10 Quantatative Political Analysis
LING 1 Intro to Linguistics
MATH 8 Calculus of Functions of One and Several Variable
MATH 13 Calc of Vector-Valued Fctns
PHYS 14 Introductory Physics II
PSYC 1 Intro to Psych
SOCY 1 Into to Sociology

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