Current Study Groups


19F Study Groups

Fall Term Study Group Schedule

Department  Course # Course Title Professor
BIO 11 Major Events in the History of Life and the Human Genome Kevin Peterson
BIO 12 Cell Structure and Function Natasha Grotz
BIO 14 Physiology Hannah ter Hofstede
BIO 40 Biochemistry Wei Lih Lee
CHEM 5 General Chemistry Wendy Epps
CHEM 51 Organic Chemistry Pushpa Venkatesan
ECON 1 The Price System Elisabeth Curtis
ECON 1 The Price System C Frank Zarnowski
ECON 1 The Price System Melinda Petre
ECON 10 Introduction to Statistical Methods Maura Doyle
ECON 20 Econometrics Ethan Lewis
ECON 21 Microeconomics Christopher Snyder
ECON 22 Macroeconomics James Feyrer
ECON 26 Intermediaries and Markets Jonathan Zinman
GOVT 5 International Politics Stephen Brooks
LING 1 Introductory Linguistics David Peterson
MATH 1 Introduction to Calculus Xingru Chen
MATH  8 Calculus of Functions of one and Several Variables Marcia Groszek/All Sections
MATH  9 Multivariable Calculus with Linear Algebra Samuel Lin
MATH  11 Accelerated Multivariable Calculus Sergi Elizalde
MATH  11 Accelerated Multivariable Calculus Carl Mautner
MATH  22 Linear Algebra with Applications Bjoern Muetzel
PHYS 3 General Physics I Yorke Brown
PHYS 13 Introductory Physics I James LaBelle
PSYC  1 Introductory Psychology  Duchaine/Wheatley
PSYC  6 Intro to Neuroscience Catherine Cramer
SOCY 10 Introduction to Statistics Jason Houle
SOCY 11 Research Methods Kim Rogers