Current Study Groups

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Winter Term Study Group Schedule

Study Groups for 18W:


CHEM 5-          Dean Wilcox/Wendy Epps
CHEM 57-        Jimmy Wu
ECON 1-           Patricia Anderson
ECON 1-           Elisabeth Curtis
ECON 1-           Na'ama Shenhav
ECON 10-         Maura Doyle
ECON 22-         Elisabeth Curtis
ECON 22-         James Feyrer
ECON 26-         Meir Kohn
ENVS 2-           Ross Jones
GOVT 5-          Jennifer Lind
GOVT 10-        Brendan Nyhan
GOVT 10-        David Cottrell
GOVT 10-        Jeremy Ferwerda
MATH 8-          Justin Troyka/Vladmir Chernov
MATH 13-        Michael Firrisa
MATH 13-        Erik van Erp
PSYC 6-           David Bucci
PHYS 4-           Yorke Brown
PHYS 13-         James Whitfield
SOCY 2-           Janice McCabe
SOCY 10-         Jason Houle
SOCY 10-         Katherine Lin

***We are still recruiting Bio 11 and Econ 20 Study Group Leaders.

Email [email protected] with any questions.