About the Tutor Clearinghouse

What We Do

The Tutor Clearinghouse is a subset of the Academic Skills Center that facilitates student-to-student academic support through programs such as peer tutoring and study groups. The Tutor Clearinghouse provides support to tutors and study group leaders by giving them the resources to help others reach their academic goals. As a part of the Academic Skills Center, our mission is to encourage efficient and effective learning by providing students with many avenues of support.

About Our Programs

Peer Tutoring

At Tutor Clearinghouse, we provide student-to-student academic enrichment each term by matching undergraduate students wanting 1-on-1 guidance in a course to other students who have excelled in the course previously.

Study Groups

This program offers students the opportunity to work with other students in their class, as well as a study group leader who has previously excelled in the course. Study groups are a great alternative to peer tutoring, as it facilitates communication and collaborative work among peers, as well as provides students with extra guidance from their study group leader.

Resident Experts

The goal of the Resident Expert is to provide weekly academic enrichment to students in specific areas of concentration. Based on the high demand for tutors in these areas, the resident expert program was developed to offer a facilitated study hall that accommodates drop-in tutoring. The program has been designed to ensure adequate help to those that may not be assigned a tutor for the term or for those that may not be able to make office hours that week. This program is currently offering academic enrichment to varsity student athletes and students in each of the 6 house communities.

Conversation Partners

The Foreign Language Conversation Partners Program aims to assist students of foreign languages with their speaking, listening, and communication skills through constant practice with a native or near-native speaker of that language. For up to two hours per week, conversation partner pairs will meet with the sole purpose of having a conversation in the language of study.

Our Location

The Tutor Clearinghouse/Academic Skills Center is located in 224 Baker Library. Upon entering the library, go up the stairs on either end of Baker Lobby (as if you are going to the Tower Room).

Our office is located just outside the Tower Room on the west side of the building (closest to Tuck). Come in and say hi!

We are here from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

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