Become a Group Tutor

Group tutors host a tutoring group for up to five students, rather than work individually with a student.

Become a Group Tutor

Applications to be a group tutor are accepted just before a term begins. The Peer Tutoring Program will reach out to students who meet the criteria to see if they are interested in doing this work. Click here to apply to become a group tutor.

Remember, group tutor applications do not roll over from one term to the next. All tutors must reapply every term. 


Group tutors must have received A or A- grade in the course and/or be recommended by the course instructor. 

Time Commitment

Group tutors are expected to work 1.5 hours per week, plus training, meeting with faculty, and occasional pre-exam review sessions (all compensated at the regular hourly rate).

Rate of Pay

The Peer Tutoring Program pays its group tutors $13.50/hour.


Applications to be an group tutor are due on September 13th: 21F Group Tutor Application


Dartmouth has outlined specific limitations for allowing temporary remote employment this academic term. These parameters include a student's enrollment status and visa status if the individual is an international student sponsored by Dartmouth. Please review these requirements, posted on the Student Employment Office website, and attest to your eligibility to work remotely this academic term.

Training Schedule

Online training sessions are now MANDATORY for ALL tutors. Students will receive an official hiring email from and will be advised of online training details.