Request an Individual Tutor

Individual Tutor Request

Individual tutoring is very limited and is intended for students who demonstrate a particular need for individual tutorial support. The form to request an Individual Tutor will open in Week 2.

Specific Request

The meetings between specific tutor/tutee and the Peer Tutoring Program are limited and are not guaranteed. Details to request a specific tutor are provided on the individual tutor request form. Individuals wishing to work together must complete this process before the match is taken under consideration. Completion of this process does not guarantee that you will be matched. Students demonstrating exceptional need for Individual Tutoring take precedence over specific tutor/tutee matches.

Haven't Been Matched?

As mentioned earlier, the Peer Tutoring Program prioritizes group tutoring to meet increased student tutor demand. We would strongly encourage all to engage with these offerings; you may find that they work well (if not better than individual tutoring), given the interaction between students and the insights that are gained from that give-and-take.

The forms to place your request will become available Week 2 of the term, and any individual tutoring requests will be considered on a rolling basis thereafter.  

Read our FAQ page for more information.

Feel free to email with any further questions. 


Tutoring (1 hour per week per subject) is available to all students at no expense.