Current Tutoring Groups


Group Tutoring for 23F

To see the list of courses supported by Group Tutoring, and to register, click here.

You may register at any point in the term, and there is no limit to the size of the group. Attendance averages between 1 and 3 students at each session.

Big Green FINALS Review Sessions

Most courses supported by Group Tutoring will have a two-hour final review session - typically offered on the reading days between classes and final exams.

To see if your course does, and to find out where and when the session will be held, please check our Finals Program offerings the last week of the term.

Group Tutoring Recordings

To watch the recordings of tutoring groups this term, simply open this Google Sheet.

To find a class and subject, use the tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheet.

You must be logged into your Dartmouth affliated Google account to access these recordings.