Become a Group Tutor

Group tutors host a tutoring group for multiple students, rather than working individually with a student.

Become a Group Tutor

Applications to be a Group Tutor open towards the end of each term and close on the last day of class. Hiring decisions are made over the interim, though this process usually extends into the first week of the new term. The Peer Tutoring Program will reach out to students who meet the criteria to see if they are still interested in tutoring. Click here to apply to become a Group Tutor. This is the only application form for Group Tutoring, you will not apply through the JobX system.

Applications to be a Group Tutor for the upcoming term are due on the last day of classes of the current term. If you're looking to tutor during the current term, consider applying to be an Individual Tutor.

Group Tutor applications do not roll over from one term to the next. All tutors must reapply every term. 


Students who have received an A or A- grade in the course and/or have been recommended by the course instructor will be given priority. 

Time Commitment

Group tutors are expected to work 6-7 hours per week throughout the term. Three hours will be in the form of two regularly scheduled 1-hour tutoring sessions, three hours will be flexible and in the form of preparation time for those sessions, and one hour will be for ongoing tutor training. Preparation time must be properly documented before it can be approved.

Group Tutors are expected to hold a 2-hour Big Green Monster Review session at the end of the term on one of the two reading days between the end of classes and the start of the final exam period.

Rate of Pay

The Peer Tutoring Program pays its tutors $19.00/hour.

Application and Hiring Timeline

Applications to be a Group Tutor for the upcoming term are due on the last day of classes of the current term.

The hiring and offer process will be made over the interim break, so if you apply be sure you are checking your email over the interim.

Training will take place in the first week of classes.

Tutoring will begin in the second week of classes.

Training Schedule

Beginning of term training is mandatory for all tutors, new and returning. Tutors will receive an official hiring email from and will be further advised of ongoing training details.