Steps to Return to Dartmouth After Time Away

You have taken time away and now feel ready to return to Dartmouth. As part of this process, we will ask you to reflect on the journey you have taken. How have you grown? What have you accomplished? What has challenged you? How did you spend your time? Part of any process is reflecting upon where we have been so that we may move forward with clarity and purpose. 

Dartmouth wants each student's return to be successful. We suggest students start working with their Undergraduate Dean or the Time Away Office at the start of the term prior to the term in which they wish to enroll. Early engagement will enable students to meet important deadlines. All return materials, including the appropriate return request form and any supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Time Away Office or the Undergraduate Deans Office by the following deadlines: 

All return materials, including the appropriate return request form and any supporting documentation, must be submitted to the Time Away Office or the Undergraduate Deans Office by 11:59pm Eastern time on the following deadlines:

Fall Term: July 15th

Winter Term: October 15th

Spring Term: January 15th

Summer Term: April 15th

If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, materials will be due the Monday after the 15th 


Guidelines for Return

To learn about the process for returning to your academic program after taking Time Away please visit Return Guidelines – Time Away


  • Read the information provided here regarding returning to the College 
    • Contact the Time Away Office or your undergraduate dean with any questions  
  • Complete the appropriate request for return form (see below) 
    • Fill out the document in its entirety, including your requested D-Plan – don't forget to sign the form 
  • If you are returning from time away for medical reasons, contact the Time Away Office  
  • Resolve all financial balances or have a payment plan in place with Student Financial Services by the return deadline 
  • Submit your return form to the Time Away Office, your Undergraduate Dean or the main Undergraduate Deans Office email address prior to the return deadline 
  • For medical time away: Once your return has been reviewed by the Time Away Committee and recommendations have been sent to your Undergraduate Dean, you will receive a letter with next steps – within five business days 
  • Please note that pending issues that may impact a student's enrollment status or academic standing must be resolved prior to final review of the request to return 

Completed return forms and any additional required materials are due by July 15th for a Fall term return, October 15th for a Winter term return, January 15th for a Spring term return and April 15th for a Summer term return. The form should be returned to the Undergraduate Deans Office or emailed to your assigned dean by 11:59pm Eastern time. Incomplete materials or materials not received by the deadline will not be approved for return the next term. 

Term seeking return / Deadline to submit all materials:

Fall term: July 15th

Winter term: October 15th

Spring term: January 15th

Summer term: April 15th

If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, materials will be due the Monday after the 15th 

Request for Return Forms

(Please note, not all browsers support fillable forms. If the above forms do not open in a fillable format, please try another browser or download them to your computer first.) 

If you will be requesting College housing along with your return, please contact Housing as soon as possible at 603-646-3093 to inform them you will be applying to return. Please contact them regardless of whether you have been approved for return to let them know you are applying to return (and for which term). You can read more about College housing for students seeking return on the Housing Office website

Medical Return

For medical returns, you will need to submit medical documentation for your return. 

  • Your licensed healthcare provider must send documentation related to the recommendations that were provided when your time away was approved. This documentation can be sent to the Time Away Office. The required documentation typically includes the following: 

    • Letter(s) from a licensed treating clinician 
    • A letter from a work/volunteer supervisor speaking to work/volunteer/academic performance. This letter may be written in recommendation letter format. You do not need to disclose the reason you were not at Dartmouth to the person writing this letter of support. 

    • If you are unsure, contact the Time Away Office to discuss the documentation that you will need to provide. 

  • The Time Away Office will reach out to your treating licensed clinicians if more information is needed 

  • The Time Away Office will meet with you (remotely) to discuss what you did during your time away, what has changed since you left, your readiness to return to campus, and plans/recommendations for taking care of your mental/physical health upon your return to campus. 

  • The Time Away Office will then convene the Time Away Committee to discuss your requested return. The recommendations (with no specific medical information) will be sent via email to the Undergraduate Deans Office for a final determination. 

  • The Time Away Office will then contact you to discuss the approval or denial of your request and any next steps.  

  • If approved, the Time Away Office and Undergraduate Deans Office will follow-up as needed to facilitate your return to campus. Regardless of scheduled follow-up appointments, all students who return from Time Away for Medical Reasons are contacted near the beginning of the term they return to offer support and ensure connection to resources as needed.