D-Plan for Transfer Students

All transfer students are assigned an Enrollment Pattern ("D-Plan") after the Registrar and departments/programs complete the evaluation of transfer credit. The Registrar will re-evaluate and adjust the enrollment pattern for all transfer students at the end of their first term, which is the deadline for when all transfer credits must be complete.

*Please stay tuned to the College's COVID-19 communications and FAQs regarding any changes to D-Plans.*


Transfer students are required to be "in residence" a minimum of six "R-terms" (typically 18 credits). They include their summer after fall matriculation, and the fall, winter, and spring terms of their senior year. Requests for changes to these enrollment requirements require a petition to the Registrar.

Individualization of Your D-Plan

Many factors influence students' individual D-Plans. The total number of terms in residence is determined by the Registrar at the end of the first term. Students who request an increase or decrease to their assigned number of terms in residence must petition the Registrar.

If additional terms in residence are granted, it does not guarantee additional financial aid will be awarded.  Additional terms are not granted if the student has completed all degree requirements.

A D-Plan consists of a combination of terms with the following designations:

  • R-terms: in residence on the Dartmouth campus or remote
  • L-terms: leave-terms in which students are not taking courses at Dartmouth
  • O-terms for those terms spent on Dartmouth-sponsored off-campus programs

Transfer students are encouraged to consult their undergraduate dean or use the various resources on Dartmouth's website for more information about D-Plans.