Graduation Preparation

Whether you plan to graduate in June or are postponing your graduation until a later date, please reference the guidelines below as you prepare to finish your undergraduate career.

Apply for Bachelor of Arts Degree

Go to DartHub and search for the Degree Application tile.  When filling in your Degree Application, please be sure to complete the PRONUNCIATION section of the application (the PRONUNCIATION section is used by the Readers at the Commencement ceremony).  The Degree Application is used to confirm your intent to graduate.  Please refer to the Registrar term calendars to determine the deadline for completing your Degree Application for your prospective graduation term. 

Degree Audit (DartHub: DartWorks)

  • Please go to DartHub and click on DartWorks.  Review your degree audit carefully and confirm completion of degree requirements including:
    • specific course requirements (such as Writing, First-Year Seminar, and Language)
    • distributive requirements
    • world culture requirements
  • Contact the Registrar's Office to discuss any questions/discrepancies.
  • Check with your major/minor department or program about your progress towards completion of the major and/or minor.
  • A course in which the final standing is NR cannot be used to satisfy a major requirement, distributive, world culture, or specific course requirement. For details on the Non-Recording Option, refer to the ORC.


  • Students must have at least 31 credits to participate in the Commencement ceremony.
  • Utilize Dartmouth's Commencement website - it will contain all the information you need!
  • Read all the mail (via Hinman or US post) and all emails that come to you from Conferences and Special Events, the 2024 Class Council, and the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Commencement Communications from the Undergraduate Deans Office

24S Graduates:

23X, 23F and 24W graduates:

  • Commencement Lodging message ​​​​ (February 29, 2024).  Responses are due by April 1, 2024
  • In Mid-April the Undergraduate Deans Office will reach out to Students who graduated in 23X, 23F and 24W to confirm participation in Commencement on June 9, 2024.  We will contact previous grads on both Dartmouth email addresses and alternate email addresses provided in Degree App. To provide a different email address, contact with your name, NetID, and the purpose of your email.
  • Final details regarding Commencement logistics such as participation number, rehearsal etc. will be sent out by email on the Friday before Commencement, June 7th.
  • RSVP Request for Commencement 2024 (Sent April 16)

Commencement Participation for non-graduating students:

  • In mid-April each year students who have not yet fulfilled all their graduation requirements, but who are close to finishing are invited to participate in Commencement.  Students are eligible to participate if they are projected to complete at least 31 credits at the conclusion of spring term. The Undergraduate Deans Office will directly contact these students. Students can confirm their outstanding credit count or degree requirements by going to DartHub and clicking on the "DegreeWorks" link.
  • Invitation to be included in the 2024 Commencement Ceremony  (Sent April 16, 2024)

Family Addresses

Make sure the addresses for your parents, guardians and/or families are correct in DartHub so that they can receive important Commencement information.

Financial Aid & Loans

Students with financial aid loans must complete Exit Counseling sessions. The Financial Aid and/or Campus Billing and DartCard Services will send out notification emails during the spring term with instructions on where to complete the sessions online.

International Students on an F-1 or J-1 Visa

Contact the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS):

  • for final questions regarding the duration, extension, or termination of your immigration status in the United States
  • to apply for Optional Practical Training, if eligible
  • to arrange for transfer to another school, if applicable
  • to arrange for change of level to another school or program at Dartmouth, if applicable
  • to pick up any remaining immigration documents from OVIS or USCIS


Return all library items. They may be returned in person or they may be placed in the book return in the Novack Café. If you believe you have lost materials, replacement costs can be paid by credit card in person at the Baker Circulation desk or over the phone. Questions? Email or call 603-646-2567.

Campus Billing and DartCard Services

Make sure your bill (including DartCard charges, tuition, and room and board) is in good standing with Campus Billing and DartCard Services. Watch for a pre-graduation bill that will be sent in May.