General Information

About this Year

Dartmouth College has a network of effective resources to assist every senior, whether you plan to graduate in June or are postponing your graduation until a later date. These resources provide support as you pursue academic and personal success while at Dartmouth, and can help you prepare for graduation and life after Dartmouth as well.

Personal Tasks

  • Cultivate and/or maintain connections with faculty and other mentors
  • Maintain and pursue out-of classroom contact with professors.
  • Reflect on personal values and lifestyle in relation to future planning.
  • Acknowledge that beginnings and endings can be stressful and are a normal part of growing. You are not alone! Be open and honest about this time of your life.
  • Remain diligent about your health and well-being.

Career Planning

  • Monitor the Center for Professional Development's website, for events, info sessions, workshops, internship opportunities, etc.
  • Explore careers to find links to various careers/resources.
  • Be proactive: visit the Center for Professional Development's "Drop-In" hours or make an appointment (603-646-2215).
  • Take advantage of the programs at the Center for Professional Development, including those about applying to graduate or professional school, and writing personal statements.
  • The Center for Professional Development supports all interests and all stages of job search and self-reflection.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Contact professors, deans and/or employers early for recommendations, allowing for ample time prior to a deadline. It is helpful to provide a current resumé. 
  • Visit the Center for Professional Development for information about letters of recommendation and writing personal statements.

Review Your Progress

  • Check your degree audit on DartWorks.
  • Ensure you have a plan for finishing your graduation requirements, including the language requirement, distributive requirements, world culture requirements, and the requirements for your major(s).
  • Contact the Registrar's Office to discuss any discrepancies.
  • Update your major plan, if necessary.
  • Senior Year Checklist
  • Students must have at least 31 credits to participate in the Commencement ceremony