Frequently Asked Questions

This is a brand new role evolving in real time. We're sure you have many questions -- we've answering some here and we will continue to add to this as we have additional answers. If you have a question you don't see answered below, please email and we'll work to get you an answer as soon as we can.


Can I do this in conjunction with a job or internship?
Not really, no. The 7-10 days of Orientation will be intense. We realize that dates aren't exact yet. Reach out to us if you're unsure, and we'll work with you.

What if I'm unsure of my availability at this time?
Apply. You will bring something unique and meaningful to this position and to the potential '24s that you mentor. We'd much rather you have to back out than miss the opportunity for that impact altogether.

Do I need to be on campus for this position?
No you do not! This will be a virtual program to reach incoming students where they're at – and not every incoming student will be on campus either.

When will there be a day-to-day schedule?
Great question. We're designing a daily programming framework for you as you read this. Exact dates for the program will be determined closer to the start of fall term, and once we have those dates, we'll have our schedule!