OPAL Education Workshops

OPAL Education offers select workshops for the Dartmouth campus community to help deepen their understanding of social justice. This includes student organizations and offices and departments. OPAL's approach in these workshops focus on two main components:

  • Active collaboration on tailored workshops with the student organization or office/department that is submitting the request that will be discussed in a consultation meeting
  • Developing a plan with the student organization or office/department that helps to continue conversations related to social justice

How to Request a Workshop

OPAL Education is now accepting workshop requests for 21F and 22W. Please visit to request a workshop.

If you have any workshop requests for 21F and 22W or questions in general that are related to OPAL Education, please contact

Looking for ways to start the conversation about social justice with your student organization or office/department?

Please visit our Intro to Power and Privilege page to find resources that can help introduce social justice topics to your group. Throughout the term, we will be adding resources that can help with guiding the conversation about social justice further.

Topics for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022

OPAL Education offers the following workshops:

True Colors
This workshop focuses on helping individuals and groups understand themselves and others better. True colors is a personality test that gives insight into values, working styles, learning styles, communication, approaches, and much more. Orange, gold, green and blue are the four colors that this activity uses to differentiate personality types and focuses on the strengths of each personality type while also highlighting challenges and ways to work through them. This introductory workshop is a team building activity that is fitting for groups that want to learn more about each other's working styles or are looking for ways to better support each other.

What's in Your Backpack
This workshop focuses on exploring our salient identities and how they make up who we are. It allows participants to think critically and makes space for individuals to reflect on their personal experiences and ways that shapes their thoughts and opinions. This activity uses the metaphor of a backpack in which we carry our identities and the ways in which they develop over time through the experiences we've had, people we've met and places we've been. This introductory workshop is fitting for groups that are wanting to learn more about each other or are aiming to build a stronger sense of community.

Please note that all workshops are facilitated by trained OPAL Education Ambassadors.