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OPAL offers request-based workshops that are learning spaces for topics such as social identity, power, privilege and oppression. Through activities and conversation we build understanding and empathy across cultural backgrounds and promote leadership skills that allow participants to put their knowledge into action on real world issues and concerns.

Request a Workshop

Please note: We do not offer OPAL Ambassador workshops during the summer term. For summer inquiries, please email

Workshop Parameters

While we will always do our best to accommodate your request, please keep the following workshop parameters in mind:

  • Please give us 2-3 weeks to prepare for your workshop.
  • Our workshops are for Dartmouth College undergraduate students only. At this time we do not offer train-the-trainer workshops on facilitation skills.
  • Our workshops are designed to be 1.5-3hrs (1 hour minimum) for between 8-60 student participants.
  • Workshops are facilitated by OPAL-trained undergraduate peer educators (OPAL Ambassadors) and in some cased by OPAL staff members.

Please note: Due to high workshop request traffic and facilitator availability, we are not always able to accommodate the time and date of the workshop requested. We will confirm the requested workshop date when we know we have the required number of facilitators available for your workshop.

Workshop Topics

We will always work to tailor our workshop to your needs. Below are some common curricula we have used with various groups on campus:

SPEAK UP is a 90-minute workshop that helps participants develop and practice the skills for responding to prejudice, bias, and stereotypes and who want to help their peers find the courage to speak up too. This workshop addresses ways to prepare to challenge bias and prejudice, examines the various aspects within these interactions, and provides accessible strategies for speaking up against harmful language.

IDENTITREE is a 60-minute workshop that helps participants reflect on and discuss social identities and how they relate to our experiences in society. The workshop will help participants get to know each other better, allow participants to express important parts of their identities, and reflect on and discuss the identities that are most important to them and why that may be.

CROSSING THE LINE (aka: Step Up/Step Back, Barometer, Move Forward) is a 60 to 90-minute workshop for groups of students groups who wish to build a stronger sense of community through exploration of the group's similarities and differences in their individual identities. Crossing the Line promotes self and intra-group reflection, increases meaningful dialogue, and broadens one's' understanding of community.

BODY OF INTERSECTING IDENTITIES is a 90-minute workshop for student groups looking to help their group think about their own and others' identities and how these have shaped their life experiences coming into college. This workshop aims to help participants recognize that everyone has a story to tell and experiences to share with the goal of encouraging participants to make connections with new people.