OPAL Peer Inclusivity Facilitators

Become an OPAL Peer Inclusivity Facilitator

Peer Inclusivity Facilitators are students who are committed to creating a socially-just campus environment. Peer Inclusivity Facilitators are not required to already have an extensive understanding and confidence on topics of social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Peer Inclusivity Facilitators will be trained and equipped with the skills necessary to engage in thoughtful facilitations through continuous practice and familiarity with workshop content and social justice topics.

OPAL Education Application

Applications for Fall 2023 are currently closed! Once reopened, you may access the OPAL Education Workshop Request Application at dartgo.org/opaledapp

Participant Goals

  • Work effectively individually and collectively.
  • Gain empowerment in one's voice through programs, projects, and discussions. 
  • Explore one's own identities and how they relate to others in multiple contexts.
  • Facilitate, build content, and design workshops.