International Student Pre-Orientation Program

The International Student Pre-Orientation Program introduces incoming international students to resources and services on campus and within the Upper Valley Community. This program is held immediately before New Student Orientation.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact [email protected].

Friday, September 6, 2019

8:30 am - 10:45 am
Computer Pick-Up Available (Optional)
Computer Store - McNutt Hall, Basement

If you have not yet picked up your computer, remember to do so in the morning so that you have it in time for the Computer Set-Up session this afternoon.

11:00 am
Office of Visa & Immigration Services (OVIS) Check-In & Associated Sessions
Moore Hall, Filene Auditorium (B13)

Checking in with the Office of Visa & Immigration Services (OVIS) is a REQUIRED session. Bring your passport and documents. Any conflicts with this session must be immediately shared with OVIS by emailing [email protected] Bagged lunch will be provided.

3:00 pm
Computer Set-Up Session
Kemeny Hall 105, 108; Haldeman Center 041

This session is not to be missed – come with your computer or you might forever wonder why GreenPrint won't work or why you can't connect to the eduroam network!

4:00 pm
Mentor Connections No. 1
Mentor Choice!

Welcome to Dartmouth – we're SO excited you're here! This is an opportunity to meet your International Student Mentor and others in your Mentor Group in person. Check in with your Mentor for a specific meeting location.

5:30 pm
Welcome Cookout
Occom Commons, Goldstein Hall

And here, we've got grilled goods – including hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and even sides, too! Enjoy a community dinner with lawn games and more with the other International '23s.

7:30 pm
S'mores on the Patio
Collis Center, Patio

Join the O-Team (@dartmouth_oteam) for some campfire s'mores - graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate melted together into sweet, gooey goodness - while meeting '23s outside of International Student Pre-Orientation.

8:30 pm
Jackbox Game Night
Collis Center, TV lounge & 8-Ball Hall

More fun with the O-Team – these aren't your usual party games. These multiplayer digital games use your phone as a controller and are a fun way to get to know some new friends.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

9:00 am

Class of 1953 Commons

Find the Mentors and your fellow International '23s if you're in search of breakfast buddies!

10:00 am
Being Safe & Secure on Campus
Black Family Visual Arts Center, Loew Auditorium

What if you're locked out of your room? Seen those blue lights on campus and wondered what they're for? How can you prevent a bicycle from riding away on its own? What is a "Good Sam"? Keiselim Montás, Interim Director and Associate Director of the Department of Safety and Security (DOSS), will answer these questions and more.

11:00 am
Staying Well as a Student
Black Family Visual Arts Center, Loew Auditorium

Many Dartmouth resources are dedicated to your health and wellness, including the Title IX Office and Student Wellness Center. Sophia Brelvi, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and Amanda Childress, Associate Director of the Student Wellness Center, will share some important resources to help you begin to process information that might initially feel confusing, uncomfortable, or difficult to discuss.

12:00 noon
Mentor Connections No. 2 & Lunch

Class of 1953 Commons

Explore the lunch options at '53 Commons and connect with your Mentor Group to debrief sessions, review the schedule, and learn more about one another. Check in with your Mentor for a specific meeting location.

1:30 pm
Resource Fair & Museum Exploration

Hopkins Center for the Arts, Top of the Hop & The Hood Museum of Art

No longer will you miss WhatsApp messages or be forced to keep cash in your room. At this session, there will be representatives from Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Ledyard Bank, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon Wireless. The New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also have information about obtaining a driver license.

The newly renovated and expanded Hood Museum of Art is a dynamic teaching museum, widely celebrated for the seamless integration of its collections into the Dartmouth educational experience. Hear from a Hood staff member about how the museum gives students access to its 65,000-object collection through events, programs, classes, internships, and more before exploring the museum's 16 galleries on your own! Every 30 minutes during the Resource Fair, Mentors will take groups to The Hood – meet at the staff table near the Top of the Hop stairwell

4:00 or 4:15 pm
Let's Go Shopping!
Meet in front of Robinson Hall

A yellow school bus will take you to Walmart in West Lebanon so you can make quick room essential purchases and/or pick up online orders if you shopped online. Bus schedule depends on evening activity:

YES! Mini-Golf & Ice Cream Trip
4:00 pm                        depart from Robinson Hall
4:20 pm                        arrive at Walmart

4:35 or 5:10 pm             depart from Walmart
5:00 or 5:35 pm             arrive at Robinson Hall

No thanks, no Mini-Golf & Ice Cream Trip
4:15 pm                       depart from Robinson Hall
4:35 pm                        arrive at Walmart
5:25 pm                        depart from Walmart
5:50 pm                        arrive at Robinson Hall

(upon return from shopping)
Class of 1953 Commons

Mentors will be available to chat during dinner – but also understand if you're rushing to catch the bus to mini-golf!

6:15 pm
Mini-Golf & Ice Cream Field Trip
Meet in front of Robinson Hall

Join the O-Team on a field trip to Ice Cream Fore-U, a nearby destination for mini-golfing and ice cream adventures. The bus will leave promptly at 6:15 pm – don't be late!

9:00 pm
Outdoor Movie: Detective Pikachu
Collis Center, Patio / Rain location: Steele Hall 006

Enjoy a free screening of Detective Pikachu while the O-Team makes some … (wait for it) … Bulbas'mores.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

9:00 am

Class of 1953 Commons

Find the Mentors and your fellow International '23s if you're in search of breakfast buddies!

10:00 am
Explore Hanover & Campus: Scavenger Hunt (Optional)
Meet on The Green

You may have been on a formal or informal tour and perhaps explored Hanover, so you might already know your way around. Test your knowledge through this Scavenger Hunt, designed and led by your International Student Mentors, and win prizes!

12:00 noon
Lunch with the Tucker Deans
Class of 1953 Commons, Upper Dining Room (2nd floor)

The Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Life is a place for student support through events, private conversations, confidential counseling, and more – regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation or belief. Learn more while talking over lunch with Daveen Litwin, Rabbi, Dean, and Chaplain of the Tucker Center, along with Khalil Abdullah, Muslim Student Advisor and Interfaith Advisor.

1:30 pm
Real Talk: Academics
Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center, Oopik Auditorium (100)

Resident Experts, study groups, tips on managing stress, and time management strategies – there are many resources to support your academic success. Caroline Renko, Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator of the Tutor Clearinghouse in the Academic Skills Center, and Natalie Hoyt, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students, will share with you the many academic supports available.

2:30 pm
Real Talk: Personal Finance & Financial Aid
Life Sciences Center, Oopik Auditorium

For many, money and finance are unknown or challenging topics. G. Dino Koff, Director of the Office of Financial Aid, will chat with you about some general things to keep in mind while managing personal finance and how to best utilize the services of the Office of Financial Aid during your Dartmouth career.

3:30 pm
Mentor Connections No. 3
Mentor Choice!

So much information has been shared with you since the last Mentor Connections – let's have a debrief of it all and talk about tomorrow's schedule. Check in with your Mentor for a specific meeting location.

4:30 pm
Real Talk: Student Involvement & Greek Life
Life Sciences Center, Oopik Auditorium

Life outside the classroom includes things like Bonfire, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Green Key, and Greek Life – but what really are these things? David Pack, Associate Director of Student Involvement, and Brian Joyce, Director of the Office of Greek Life, will share information about how to get involved on campus.

5:45 pm
Dinner with FYSEP Pre-O
Class of 1953 Commons, South Dining Room

Enjoy dinner and small group discussion with the Mentors and participants in the First Year Student Enrichment Program (FYSEP) Pre-Orientation.

8:00 pm
S'mores on the Patio
Collis Center, Patio

Join the O-Team for some campfire s'mores - graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate – melted together intosweet gooey goodness – while meeting '23s outside of International Student Pre-Orientation.

9:00 pm
GLOW Night
Collis Center, Patio / The Green

From games on the Green to crafty creations in Collis – the O-Team has some great ways to light up your night.

Monday, September 9, 2019

9:00 am
Class of 1953 Commons

Find the Mentors and your fellow International '23s if you're in search of breakfast buddies!

10:00 am
Faculty Panel & Breakout Sessions

Steele Hall 006

Faculty from departments across academic disciplines will have a panel discussion and brief, breakout sessions for a chance to ask discipline-specific questions.

12:00 noon
Class of 1953 Commons

Explore the lunch options at '53 Commons, meet some international students outside of your mentor group, and chat with another member of the International Student Mentor team!

12:50 pm
Health Service Tour
5 Rope Ferry Road (Dick's House)

Your health is important and thankfully the Dartmouth College Health Service is here to help! A tour of the department will help you to know where to go if you get sick or need medicine, medical, or counseling services.

2:00 pm
Money: The Big Green
Moore Hall, Filene Auditorium (B13)

Yesterday you learned about how to manage your money, but how about earning it? Tyler Bergmeier, Senior Assistant Director of the Office of Financial Aid; Marcia Calloway, Associate Director and Advisor to International Undergraduate Students in OVIS;  Kari Jo Grant, Senior Program Manager in the Student Employment Office; Sherice McCarthy-Hill, Director of Payroll; and Kathy Page, Director of Campus Billing and DartCard Services, will review everything you need to know about money matters.

3:00 pm
Mentor Connections No. 4
Mentor Choice!

What a day – and still so much to do during International Student Pre-O! Take time to debrief, play games with your Mentor Group, and chat about the remaining day. Check in with your Mentor for a specific meeting location.

4:30 pm
Athletic Facilities Tour (Optional)
Floren Varsity House 105

Take a tour of the Dartmouth College Athletic Facilities (Go Big Green!) to find out more about how you can keep up your physical health, even in winter.

Break - Prepare for the Banquet & talent show (Optional)

A break to relax, do some last-minute rehearsing for the Talent Show, perhaps put on your favorite outfit (casual, stylish, or dressy – you decide!). Come as you are, performer or spectator and regardless of outfit!

5:30 pm
International Student Banquet & Talent Show
Collis Center, Common Ground

The final dinner of the program is with your fellow '23s and some of the most wonderful friends of International Student Pre-Orientation, paired with arguably the most beloved memory of all Dartmouth international students: The International Student Pre-Orientation Talent Show. Play the piano? Able to wiggle your ears? Have a bad joke to tell? All are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this showcase of your international student peers!

9:00 pm
Collis After Dark
Collis Center

Team trivia with prizes, karaoke, games, and more. Come to get a small taste of the wide variety of events Collis After Dark (@collisafterdark) hosts each term.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

8:00 am
Sustainability Sale (Optional)

Gold Coast Lawn, Tuck Drive

Hoping to snag some neat things and glam out your room? Wondering how you can get a bicycle without needing to leave campus? Here's your chance – be sure to get in line before 8:00 am for the best picks.

9:00 am
Class of 1953 Commons

Find the Mentors and your fellow International '23s if you're in search of breakfast buddies!

10:00 am
Library Orientation & Tour
Baker/Berry Library, Circulation Desk

The resources available to you as an undergraduate student are remarkable and potentially overwhelming. In this session, you'll learn all about what the Dartmouth Libraries have to offer and how to utilize them all during your time here. We were also told there would be prizes, so let's go!

11:30 am
Understanding the Academic Honor Principle
Rockefeller Hall 003

The Academic Honor Principle has been in place at the College for over half a century – but don't let its age fool you into thinking it's any less important. Adam Knowlton-Young, Assistant Director of the Office of Community Standards and Accountability (Judicial Affairs), will help break it down for you.

12:30 pm
Mentor Connections No. 5 & Lunch
Class of 1953 Commons

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, International Student Pre-Orientation is one of them. Before you bask in the joys of New Student Orientation, here's one more meeting with your Mentor Group to remind you about important dates, when you'll get to see each other again, and how to keep in touch.

Important Resources for International Students

The following are links to important information for international students preparing to attend Dartmouth. You will receive more detailed information after you arrive.  

Visa and Immigration Services

Travel Resources

After Your Arrival