Community Information

About the Latinx Community

Who does "Latinx" refer to?

There are multiple terms, often used interchangeably, to describe diverse Latinx student communities on college campuses. These include- but are not limited to- Latina/o, Latin American, Caribbean, Hispanic, Chicana/o. The term Latinx has emerged as a pan-ethnic sociopolitical category intended to include any and all who may self-identify as having cultural ties to Latin America and/or the Caribbean as well as individuals who are of Latin American and/or Caribbean descent. Latinx is a gender inclusive term where the -x replaces a traditional -a/-o ending and can be pronounced as "lah-teen-ex".

Do I have to identify as "Latinx" to get involved with the Latinx community?

No - while our programs highlight the Latinx experience, we welcome anyone who is interested in engaging with these topics, regardless of identity. While OPAL has a strong focus on providing resources and services for Latinx students at Dartmouth, we also realize that to best fulfill our mission we must engage and serve all members of our campus community. Learn how to connect with our office through one of our many communities or programs.