Community Specific Campus Resources

Black Hair Care Services

Mary Young at Makin' Waves salon in Hanover can provide services to the community, and she can be contacted on 603-643-1244. 

Barber services are provided by Sean Taylor to students and community members. All services $20. First come, first served.

If you prefer to see Sean off-campus he can be reached at his salon at (267) 750-8813.

Shabazz Center

32 N. Main Street

The Shabazz Center is a residential space in Cutter Hall, which is part of Dartmouth's Living Learning Community program. Student groups and organizations may reserve the Basement and the Mural Room on the first floor. It is first and foremost a residential space; in using the Center several rules and regulations are key in ensuring a safe, accessible space for the residents as well as the guest who desire to share the space.

Shabazz is not currently open or available for reservation at this time.

African and African-American Studies Program

The African and African-American Studies Program is designed to provide all students at Dartmouth with an understanding of the historical, economic, political, social, and artistic experiences of people of African ancestry in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and elsewhere.

Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association

The mission of the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association is to develop a strong and enduring club structure in order to further the interest, welfare and educational purposes of Dartmouth College and the Black Alumni community of Dartmouth College. BADA’s vision is to enhance members' relationships with each other by being a supportive community of alumni that celebrates the diversity of the Black experience at Dartmouth.